About Me


My old blog was under the name Maxi Fortend - back when you had to have a super secret internet name!  LOL - Now I am doing a little re-org and re-design of the blog to just be a one-stop shop for all the Kelly Goin's-On!  You may get some new techie info, have to look at my newest project or read about the newest Max(best son on the planet) or Oscar(Cutest dog in the world) happenings.

My sidekick in all of this is Jumpy - Cause I just like to jump around alot.  This week, I could be knee deep in photography, next week doing digital paintings in Artrage or starting to train for my next race...or starting a new art quilt...knitting a new softie...making a card...starting to get the picture? ;)

Comment - connect - the internet is just a beautiful thing!

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