Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 5 - 1/2 Marathon Training Complete!

My mileage has been lightly sporadic - not a nice even increase week to week.  This has been caused mostly by the weather and my inability to run more than 3 miles on the treadmill - refuse.  Anyway - Got 17 in this week.  3, 5 and then today's 9 miler.  Adding biking 2 days a week if the weather holds out this next week. 

I did skip my long run last weekend - naughty, naughty - but was more determined to get it done today.  I looked back on my 9 mile long run last summer - my pace is much better - taking a good 30-40 seconds off each mile - with far more miles under 12 minute pace.  This is a good thing! 

An Extra Mile has a new podcase for Galloway fans - An Extra Mile  - Galloway Edition.  Just do a quick search on itunes and you will find it!  I am getting off this computer and laying on the couch for a bit before having to make dinner!  (Oh yea - saw Limitless at the movies last night - totally entertaining - especially if you like to look into Bradley Cooper's blue eyes for a few hours!)

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