Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yeah... I don't have partyin' as an excuse

So the boy was off to a friends, the hubby off to hunt for the laasssst time, so I found myself all alone.  Nice!

I started 2 painted quilts, played with my cricut and ate 2 bowls of chili.  A few chocolate chip cookies may have found themselves leaping into my hand too along the way.  Anyway - went to bed at 11:30 and watched HSN - my brainless guilty pleasure.  Totally missed the ball drop cause I was learning how to get the red out of my skin from ybf cosmetics.  yeah...I bought the today's special - it was my reward to taking down all the christmas stuff.  It's just like running - kinda dread it, but when it's over you just feel so much better! this whole story is not the point of my getting up this morning, setting up the coffee pot, hitting on and then taking Oscar for his morning jaunt up the driveway...coming in 4 minutes later...

to find that yes, I had NOT put the coffee pot back into it's correct spot.  Mmm hmmmm...I had 5 cups of coffee spilling all over my cupboard, floor,
everywhere!  I was so disgusted with myself, that I drank the only cup remaining and made myself take down the christmas decorations as my punishment...1/2 way thru is when I thought that I needed the reward of the HSN daily special. 

Bummer for the WI Badgers - we have a sad family of alumni.  Great game! Sucky ending.

So no resolutions for the new year - I'm always kinda changin things up and what not.  The boy tells me he did not go to bed til 2 am, so we are off to bed early!  Happy new year!

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