Saturday, January 15, 2011

New video tutorials on creating your own Google account & Picasa

Hey everyone!  I will be creating tutorials on some internet stuff here between now and the end of February called "Love the Internet! - Getting Started Tutorials."  For those readers that have a blog already - you're well aware of this stuff.  These are mainly for new readers from my quilt guild - Willow River Piecemakers!

I'll be posting links to the tutorials as soon as I get them created.

Click on the video to bring you to youtube - it's a little bigger to view on your screen.

Here is the Picasa tutorial.

For guild members - if you'd like to set up a blog during the months of February and March - I will help you get a custom one set up for you!  Your colors, favorite projects - etc, etc will help you share your wonderful works with those in the quilting/craft/art communities.  So much inspiration out there!  More on that to come!

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