Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bluefin Bay Calendar

My best shot during our 2011 trip...

Got my 2012 calendar!  It's kinda a big deal to get the free calendar. Every year, my best friend and I go for a 4 day weekend up to Bluefin Bay Resort.  One of my favorite places with one of my favorite people!

2011 Family Pic

Arrrrggg!! It's blurry!  This is the best one and it's blurry...guess we need to head to a studio and get one done!

Christmas Card Craziness - Part 2

Whew!  I actually finished all the challenges! If you want more details, you can check out my gallery on Splitcoast Stampers.  Here they are!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Card Craziness - Part 1

This is my first Virtual Stamp Night via - so much creativity!  Love seeing everyone's projects.  The goal is to take 45 minutes or less to make the challenge.  Here's what I have so far...
Friday, 5 PM - Give Me Warm Fuzzies - hosted by understandblue.
Oscar, my shi-poo gives me the warm and fuzzies!  Puppy image is from Silhouette Online Store. Copics, Baker's Twine, paper from The Christmas Stack - DCWV.

6PM - No Business Like Snow Business - hosted by rgrohall.

Use a snowflake!
Snowflake boarder from Silhouette Online Store, Ribbon from Container Store, Happy Holidays sticker from stash..water color paper..crystals from stash, basics cardstock from Micheals

7PM - Layer It Out! - Hosted by JenMarie
Use at least 6 Layers!
Glitter paper from DCWV Glitter Mat Stack, crystals & ribbon from stash, Tree paper from Christmas Eve Chowder - Jillibean Soup

8PM - FaLaLaLaLa - Hosted by Cindylou

Use a song, music note, anything musical..
Graphics Fairy for sheet music, Stickers from K&Company, ribbon from stash, Distress Inks

9PM - Jack's Been Painting Frosty Pictures - Hosted by saffivart
Frosty scene - supposed to use white ink technique, but no white ink, so I improvised with lots of glitter!
Hero Arts stamp - DCWV Glitter Stack, Copics, Cuttlebug embossing folder

Will be back soon with more!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Quilt Sneak Peak!

Just a little teaser of my newest quilt!  Big Reveal at the guild meeting this Thursday!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 5 - 1/2 Marathon Training Complete!

My mileage has been lightly sporadic - not a nice even increase week to week.  This has been caused mostly by the weather and my inability to run more than 3 miles on the treadmill - refuse.  Anyway - Got 17 in this week.  3, 5 and then today's 9 miler.  Adding biking 2 days a week if the weather holds out this next week. 

I did skip my long run last weekend - naughty, naughty - but was more determined to get it done today.  I looked back on my 9 mile long run last summer - my pace is much better - taking a good 30-40 seconds off each mile - with far more miles under 12 minute pace.  This is a good thing! 

An Extra Mile has a new podcase for Galloway fans - An Extra Mile  - Galloway Edition.  Just do a quick search on itunes and you will find it!  I am getting off this computer and laying on the couch for a bit before having to make dinner!  (Oh yea - saw Limitless at the movies last night - totally entertaining - especially if you like to look into Bradley Cooper's blue eyes for a few hours!)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So now you know - say you like it.

For those of you with older kids, you'll remember the first time you let them loose in the kitchen "for real" to make dinner.  For those with younger kids/future kids - it's something to definately look forward to. 

Tonight was that night for me and the boy.  He's 10 and for his health class, the assignment was to make dinner.  Tacos it was.  Now, I can whip up tacos in about 10-15 minutes.  You take for granted knowing how to time things.  Stir the meat, cut up the tomatoes and lettuce, get the shells into the oven.  A 10 year old does not know how to do this.  I gently reminded him every so often, that he can take a break from one thing to get the other thing started. 

While he was finishing up cutting up the tomatoes, I said, "So what do you think of all the work it takes to make tacos?"  He says, "It's alot!"  Then I said, "So think of the things Mommy makes and then when they don't turn do you think it makes me feel?"  Pause...then I said, "so now you know why you should just say you like it."  Little grin and a little understanding from the boy - priceless.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1/2 Marathon Training - Week 1

First week went pretty well.  Logged in 17 miles:

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - HIIT - 2 Miles
Wednesday - Easy - 3 Miles
Thursday - HIIT - 3 Miles
Friday - Easy - 3 miles
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Long Run on Treadmill - 6.5

Found out about FIRST training - got the book on my kindle and read it on Saturday.  It intrigues me - I know I need to crosstrain and their studies really support it...looked into getting a recumbant bike, but the hubby is not on board with the expenditure right now with spring around the corner...maybe next winter...oh well - will keep my eye out on craigs list!  It feels good to be regularly exercising again, I was surprised how fast I recovered from my long run on Sunday - so that's a good step in the right direction.  Good first week of training!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kauai Recap - lots o' photos

So the very first thing you need to know about Kauai is that - forget having any kind of hairstyle. Just. Forget. It.  We only kiss when the Packers win the super bowl ...really.  ;) 

The other thing to know is that if you wear anything from your home state - ie college, sports etc - You will see more people from your home state than you will see Hawaiians.  These kind folks partied with us in the open sports bar a block off the ocean.  Surreal - watching the super bowl at 2:00 in the afternoon with the ocean breezes and the sounds of waves crashing.  (Until the yelling got so loud, you don't hear anything else!)

Want to talk some more surreal?  Looking out your hotel balconey and seeing this.  I hadn't see outside the night before because we had gotten into our room after dark.  Kauai has one main port for the big ships and our hotel was on that bay.

I know!  For fun let's take a drive up to Waimea Canyon somewhat hung over and drive through hairpin curves with drop offs like this!  I was actually just fine, because like a good girl - I quite drinking in the third quarter and had a little bite to eat before going to bed.  Hmmm...Hubby not so much.  Such a trooper to be my tour guide!

Is that a happy face or what?

These are the kind of views you'll get when you go up the canyon.

After a tasty lunch - we headed to the Kekeha Beach on the west side up the road from the canyon.  Did not expect Scott to like the beach.  He loved the power of the waves and watching the surfers.

You go girl!
These people were the best in shape people I have ever seen in my life!
Now it was off to Spouting Horn. This is the view up the coast from the horn.
This is the famous Spouting Horn.  It's kinda hokie, but ya gotta go see it. 

The gardens at the resort were beautiful.  It's not even the flowering season.

so beautiful!
Tuesday was Photo Tour Day from Kauai Photo Tours.  Levi was our guide - fantastic tour and guide!  We saw spots that we never would have seen.  Here are some of the photos.
Should have used my tripod for this one!
Do you see Kong?
Yes, the water is that blue!
You could spend your whole vacation at a different beach each day.  We didn't though - here's a brief recap of our week:
Sunday - Super Bowl - enough said.
Monday - Waimea Canyon, Kekeha Beach, Spouting Horn
Tuesday - Photo Tour
Wednesday - Scott golfed and I read two books in the shade in between the pool and the ocean - so nice!
Thursday & Friday - Snorkeling - Swam with a Turtle! 
Saturday - Just toured the island in the car - checked out the Kauai Coffee Plantation - the only day it rained out.  Left that night at 9:45 - got back to the cities at 12:00 - soooooo tired! 
Food, food and more food!  Big breakfasts, great shrimp dishes from road side stands, fish tacos, lovely 5 star meals at night -
We want to go back to - snorkel more, learn how to boogie board, paddle surf, go zip lining, take a boat cruise to see the dolphins and whales and the Napali coast, spend more time at the beaches.
You can rent condos - totally the way to go if you can have another couple go in on it with you.  That way, you can cook in more - share the cost of the rental car.  We really want to bring Max there.  We kept saying how much he would really enjoy it!  If you can swing it - totally go!  (We had a family timeshare and very generous points from the inlaws for our airfare - so it worked slick for us - still stinkin' expensive though!)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Taste of Summer

Playing with a photo I took last summer in my garden.  It may star in my valentines this year.  Not sure how yet!  Stay warm - I am getting comfy on the couch, knitting and watching the Pack kick Chicago's butt this afternoon.  Two weeks from today will be our first full day in Hawaii!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New video tutorials on creating your own Google account & Picasa

Hey everyone!  I will be creating tutorials on some internet stuff here between now and the end of February called "Love the Internet! - Getting Started Tutorials."  For those readers that have a blog already - you're well aware of this stuff.  These are mainly for new readers from my quilt guild - Willow River Piecemakers!

I'll be posting links to the tutorials as soon as I get them created.

Click on the video to bring you to youtube - it's a little bigger to view on your screen.

Here is the Picasa tutorial.

For guild members - if you'd like to set up a blog during the months of February and March - I will help you get a custom one set up for you!  Your colors, favorite projects - etc, etc will help you share your wonderful works with those in the quilting/craft/art communities.  So much inspiration out there!  More on that to come!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Great Songs for Runnin'

Here's my playlist to get goin' running again!

Have not been a huge fan, but I must say this song is pretty good -especially when you are really tired at the end of your run!  Plus, I just like the words.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yeah... I don't have partyin' as an excuse

So the boy was off to a friends, the hubby off to hunt for the laasssst time, so I found myself all alone.  Nice!

I started 2 painted quilts, played with my cricut and ate 2 bowls of chili.  A few chocolate chip cookies may have found themselves leaping into my hand too along the way.  Anyway - went to bed at 11:30 and watched HSN - my brainless guilty pleasure.  Totally missed the ball drop cause I was learning how to get the red out of my skin from ybf cosmetics.  yeah...I bought the today's special - it was my reward to taking down all the christmas stuff.  It's just like running - kinda dread it, but when it's over you just feel so much better! this whole story is not the point of my getting up this morning, setting up the coffee pot, hitting on and then taking Oscar for his morning jaunt up the driveway...coming in 4 minutes later...

to find that yes, I had NOT put the coffee pot back into it's correct spot.  Mmm hmmmm...I had 5 cups of coffee spilling all over my cupboard, floor,
everywhere!  I was so disgusted with myself, that I drank the only cup remaining and made myself take down the christmas decorations as my punishment...1/2 way thru is when I thought that I needed the reward of the HSN daily special. 

Bummer for the WI Badgers - we have a sad family of alumni.  Great game! Sucky ending.

So no resolutions for the new year - I'm always kinda changin things up and what not.  The boy tells me he did not go to bed til 2 am, so we are off to bed early!  Happy new year!