Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Leaf Tote & Christmas Bears

I have been filling up my "vacation time" (self-employed means, you don't get paid when you're on vaca!) ;)  with finishing up projects and doing some training online that I have been really wanting to do, but did could not find the time.  More on that in a bit.

Here's the christmas bears I did for the little girls we see at our friend's xmas party.  I sewed up little bags out of cute winter flannel and made the bears their own little sleeping bags out of fleece. 

I did a swap literally last March with the mom of a good friend of mine - she sent me watercolors and I sewed up some bags.  This is the second bag...

This is the back...my friend's glass work was used for the zipper pull and the buttons added a nice touch to the felted leaves I put.  I used variegated thread on the back, so that is why you see the changes in color on the machine quilting.

Here's the front of the bag - black thread for the quilting so that it does not compete with the leaves.  I "painted" the leaves using inktense watercolor pencils on white fabric.  Then painted a thin coat of colorless extenter onto the leaves - this keeps the color from fading or bleading when washed.  Fused the leaves and cut them out, fused to black kona cotton.  Thread-sketched on the leaves and then quilted.  Assembed the bag.  When I went to put the handles on, the black cording I bought untangled on me - ended up looking cooler than the original cording!  It posed a problem though, cause I had to cover up the edges where I sewed the cording.  Ended up needle felting some leaves and hand-sewing them on. 
Well, it and another little bag are on their way to Monique's mom today!  Thank goodness she is patient!

So for my training - I have always wanted to learn Adobe Flash Professional, so I took an online course yesterday on "the basics."  It was fabulous!  Really broke it down well - that lynda.com really rocks and is worth every penny! 

As for running, I am now on a new medication for my eyes - totally test only, but in 6 months or so, we should hopefully know if it will help the degeneration.  What does that have to do with running?  Well, one of the side-effects is that you could gain weight, so back onto a running program I go!  Gonna research some spring races and get my plan together this week. 

6 more weeks until we go to Hawaii! 

Thursday, December 23, 2010