Saturday, November 13, 2010

Straight A's and a New Puppy!

First off,  new puppy is not ours, but my mom-in-law's.  This pic is not of the actual puppy, but one that is full grown at 3 lbs.  Oscar our shi-poo was 4 lbs when we first got him - so liiiiiiiitttttttttlllllleeeee.  I am so excited!  It's a teacup bolonka breed.  It started out on Thursday with Scott saying, my mom wants to get a puppy.  My FIL, says NO WAY.  That turned into ...well i am not taking care of today, MIL going to pick it up.  They have been flirting with getting a dog since we got Oscar.  Cannot wait to see the little thing!

Other news - Max got his report card - straight A's except for one B+ that he already has moved up to an A.  He is just lovin' middle school.  We had a little drama this week when he decided that he really did not want to play tuba anymore.  No really, my son is not a complete dork!  So I said, you need to make a plan and stick with it until the December concert, have an open discussion with your band teacher about switching instruments.  He took a deep breath and listened to me.  (whew...)  He talked with the teacher and all is good.  Of course, now he is playing the low note he was having so much trouble with and he may be back to wanting to play the tuba...He was spouting off musical stuff like notes and what not like nobody's business - does not get this musical deal from me or Scott!  Comes from the grandma's - Marcia played french horn and my mom played sax and piano...

Got about 6 inches of very wet snow - I think it may have taken out our birch tree that we first planted 13 years ago when we first moved into our house.  I hope it bounces back!

Work is GINORMOUSLY crazy.  I have to pull myself away and try to relax. 

Running is non-existant.  Keep telling myself that when work slows down, I will get back into it.  I will, just maybe not til mid-next week. 

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