Friday, November 19, 2010

Mittens Challenge!

Mittens by Kristin
Don't you love it when someone sends email that's fun?  Craft Leftover's is like that - she is so stinkin' creative with the materials she has on hand.  In 2011 - she is whittling her craft stash down to only 5 lbs!  This should be good!

I love mittens.  My dog loves mittens.  Thus the need to have multiple pairs.

This tut is super easy.  Have a sewing machine your mom, grammie or friend gave you and you really have never used it?  Get it out!  Get them over to help you make up a batch of these puppies.  You quilty girls out there...ooooh, how fun to do some quick applique?!

Here's the tut over at Craft Leftovers -

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abbi said...

Cute idea! Does your dog steal your mittens too? I have this problem. I have to store them in a closet or else she steals them, sometimes to be found, sometimes not!