Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can Your Brain Explode? A little cure..

Oh yes it can!  Here are the signs:
1)  You drink way too much caffeine
2)  You are exhausted at 6:30 pm (thank you daylight savings!)
3)  You wake up at 1:46 am completely and totally WIDE awake
4)  Your husband says you are talking a ton in your sleep
5)  Your son says - Mom, you really need to make me dinner
6)  Your running is now NON-EXISTANT
7)  Your dog is the only reason you step away from the computer!

So what if you can't step away? (and really don't want to because you are really getting alot done for your clients and learning a ton...)

You put this on and stream a little holiday spirit your way...
North Pole Radio to the Rescue!


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