Friday, November 19, 2010

Mittens Challenge!

Mittens by Kristin
Don't you love it when someone sends email that's fun?  Craft Leftover's is like that - she is so stinkin' creative with the materials she has on hand.  In 2011 - she is whittling her craft stash down to only 5 lbs!  This should be good!

I love mittens.  My dog loves mittens.  Thus the need to have multiple pairs.

This tut is super easy.  Have a sewing machine your mom, grammie or friend gave you and you really have never used it?  Get it out!  Get them over to help you make up a batch of these puppies.  You quilty girls out there...ooooh, how fun to do some quick applique?!

Here's the tut over at Craft Leftovers -

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Sew Coasters!

I get emails from Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors - really good content for email marketing - the way it should be done!  Anyway - want a new sew, totally fast project and super cute?

Check this out!

Can Your Brain Explode? A little cure..

Oh yes it can!  Here are the signs:
1)  You drink way too much caffeine
2)  You are exhausted at 6:30 pm (thank you daylight savings!)
3)  You wake up at 1:46 am completely and totally WIDE awake
4)  Your husband says you are talking a ton in your sleep
5)  Your son says - Mom, you really need to make me dinner
6)  Your running is now NON-EXISTANT
7)  Your dog is the only reason you step away from the computer!

So what if you can't step away? (and really don't want to because you are really getting alot done for your clients and learning a ton...)

You put this on and stream a little holiday spirit your way...
North Pole Radio to the Rescue!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Straight A's and a New Puppy!

First off,  new puppy is not ours, but my mom-in-law's.  This pic is not of the actual puppy, but one that is full grown at 3 lbs.  Oscar our shi-poo was 4 lbs when we first got him - so liiiiiiiitttttttttlllllleeeee.  I am so excited!  It's a teacup bolonka breed.  It started out on Thursday with Scott saying, my mom wants to get a puppy.  My FIL, says NO WAY.  That turned into ...well i am not taking care of today, MIL going to pick it up.  They have been flirting with getting a dog since we got Oscar.  Cannot wait to see the little thing!

Other news - Max got his report card - straight A's except for one B+ that he already has moved up to an A.  He is just lovin' middle school.  We had a little drama this week when he decided that he really did not want to play tuba anymore.  No really, my son is not a complete dork!  So I said, you need to make a plan and stick with it until the December concert, have an open discussion with your band teacher about switching instruments.  He took a deep breath and listened to me.  (whew...)  He talked with the teacher and all is good.  Of course, now he is playing the low note he was having so much trouble with and he may be back to wanting to play the tuba...He was spouting off musical stuff like notes and what not like nobody's business - does not get this musical deal from me or Scott!  Comes from the grandma's - Marcia played french horn and my mom played sax and piano...

Got about 6 inches of very wet snow - I think it may have taken out our birch tree that we first planted 13 years ago when we first moved into our house.  I hope it bounces back!

Work is GINORMOUSLY crazy.  I have to pull myself away and try to relax. 

Running is non-existant.  Keep telling myself that when work slows down, I will get back into it.  I will, just maybe not til mid-next week. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

My First 1/2 Marathon Race Report!

I did it! 

I finished my first 1/2 marathon and they didn't close the course on me! 

I was in the back of the pack, but there were a good 72 people behind me!  Next year, there will be 82!  ;)  Us back packers are awesome!  We say things, I've never gone this far before!  Oooh, what model garmin is that?  The spectators can actually see ya and say Hey Pumpkin Girl - way to go!

I want to say thanks to Shannon - she gave me great course feedback before the race, so the HILLS I encountered were really not that big a surprise.  They sucked none the less...oh, I get ahead of myself...Let's start at the beginning...

I got my costume already - a Pumpkin! - I was gonna wear my water pack, cause that was the way I trained all summer.  Note to self - NO ONE wore a water pack...GEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK!  That's ok, cause no one saw the water pack part, cause I forgot to pack the little valve thingy for the I hauled two bottles of gatorade in the pack part. Note for next year:  No water pack and no costume if I want to PR.  It was super fun to see costumes though!  The plan was to stay downtown overnight instead of making 2 trips into MPLS.  My friend Kara and her son Roy came with me and Max.

Friday night we went downtown to pick up my race packet.  Lots of music and people and a couple of booths of running stuff.  It was exciting!  Can't imagine what a full expo would be like!  Kara and the boys waited for me out in the truck, so could not hang here too long.

We stayed at the Depot - the hotel had a deal for runners - it was a nice hotel and good to bring the boys to.  Next year, I will have a bed to myself, even if I have to get two hotel rooms!  This boy is such a BED HOG!  These are not queen beds like they said they were...Water park was fun and we had a nice dinner.  Boys had not really been to a hotel, so they loved it.

This is Max and I at dinner.  Droid pic, not a good one.  Max says - Mom, I need to talk to you before you go.  So I step over to the bed and he puts his hand on my shoulder and says, "Good luck today.  Have fun, I know you will do great.  I love you.  Now don't get hurt!"  He was so cute and serious!
I got up about 5:30 cause I just could not sleep anymore.  This is when I realized I didn't have the valve dealy for my water pack.  Urrrrrrggggghhhhh.  I did not forget anything else.  Anyway, I got coffee and then walked over to the light transit train station.  It was still really dark and I walked quickly though did not really feel scared, but hey - I am now a country girl!  Got my train ticket and train showed up exactly on time.  Took only 15 minutes to get to the Minnehaha stop.  One block over was 50th - just walked from there to Nokomis.  About 12 blocks or maybe 10 minutes?  I was happy to see this store - cause at that time of the morning, you are kinda wondering, did I really read that map right?

So I get down to the race start area and get in the looooooooong lines for the honey pots.  These gals were ahead of me.  They finished 2:17, 2:13 and 2:25 respectively.  That's pretty stinkin' good with the drag ya get from the hair! 

At about 8:25 - business all taken care of and got myself to the back of the pack.  Somewhere in between the 11:30 and 13:44 pacers.

Miles 1-5 - Right on pace!  11:15 - 11:45 miles Feel really good!
Miles 6-8 - HILLS and my right hip really starts to hurt

Mile 9 - Now everything is hurting and I start to walk more
Mile 10 - oh, I could be done right now!!!  Lots of the 2 hour folks are coming back from their Lake Calhoun loop and are headed to the finish line!  I am in awe!!  So fast!  I get energy from this and start to run a bit more.

Mile 11 - Oh, it just looks so far around this lake, but only 2 more miles!

Mile 12 - My hands are super swollen so I start to keep them elevated and pump my arms as I walk.  Yes, this is my determined phase - I start to run/walk more even though it huuuuuuurrrrrrts!  I put my hat back on cause I look like a drowned rat and I want my finish picture to not be that horrible.

Mile 13 - Yeah!!!!  I can see the finish!!!  Run Run Run!  I kinda am a little teary eyed!  Wow!  I did it!
Max, Roy and Kara are there to greet me.  I get past them in search of my medal.  Catch up with one of the race folks.  Then go back and find everyone.

We get back to the truck- I just want to sit down!  OH NO!  I forgot my race bag!  Kara and the boys drop me off and drive around the block.  Ugh - the race bags are at the very back of the race set-up.  I stumble my way back there and the nice volunteer guy says - Stand here, I will go get it for you!
ahhhh..lots of complaints about the buses and honey pots, but this guy made it for me!
I get back to the truck and down my gatorade.

Well, that's it!  It's now Monday and I feel pretty good!  I could even go trick or treating with the kids last night!  So all that conditioning really did help - My body has learned to recover faster. 

Would I do it again? 
Heck ya!
Already lookin' for my next race!
Should be back to training on Wed!