Saturday, October 16, 2010


Yes, I am a WI girl who lived alot of her life in MN - so I actually naturally do say oofta.  I earned the right to say ooofta - 12 miles later. 

My hubby, I think makes comments when really, he is upset or just worried (This is good that I understand this or I would want to kill him right now...)  I got a little over heated and am just now, 2 hours later starting to feel like myself, but I had to keep sitting down cause I was getting light-headed and felt very nauseous.  I did two gels and 1 qt of gatorade on the run, but I have also never done 12 miles before...Anyway, back to my not killing my husband - He says why do you feel so bad?  I say - I just ran 12 miles.  He says - Well you did not really run the 12 miles.  I say "I was on my feel and moving for 12 miles, 2 hours and 35 minutes later...what have you done today?" 

We are all beat tonight - Max had a sleepover, the dog got groomed - poor Oscar boy, that is just a traumatic experience for him, but he looks cute!  Off to bed early!

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