Friday, October 8, 2010

Caution - Hunting and First Scheduled Long Run

We are headed to the in-laws this weekend.  For you vegans - stop here - everyone else..scroll down

My 10 year old gets to go gun hunting for the first time with Dad.  Now, some may not agree with hunting - don't bother to neg comment here, cause it's a big deal in our family.  We do all the good stuff with eating what we hunt etc.  What's so great about it is that Max gets great time with Dad and learns respect for the rifle, respect for the animal and spends time away from electronics in the outdoors.  He woke up this morning to tell me that he dreamed there was a big buck, then another bigger one came in, then still another until there were 10 bucks...oh, oh maybe only 4 in range.  LOL - I told him he was a true hunter cause the story just gets bigger and bigger!

Now for the long run - longest so far since the ankle has be 5.5 miles - so my 10 scheduled for tomorrow will be interesting!  Wish me luck!  Also - work has exploded around I am up to my ears in google analytics, web forms and key words!  Good things!

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Kristin said...

My husband is a BIG hunter too. I feel pretty good about eating what he kills since he is VERY ethical. I figure it's as close as I'll get to eating organic meat. I actually try NOT to eat any meat that he hasn't killed because at least I know where out meat is coming from. Good luck with the runnin!