Thursday, October 28, 2010

Less than 48 hours!

Getting excited for the 1/2!  It's this Saturday in downtown Mpls - running around the lakes and it's gonna be great weather!  Yeah!!  Tomorrow is costume making day!  No work for this gal!  Get the boy off to school and then fun!  I will have pics - I will look ridiculous, but hey - it's halloween!  Max is super excited cause we are gonna stay at the Depot downtown - they have a water park, indoor ice rink and arcade!  Pick up the race packet and then off to have some fun.

Got the pumpkin all carved - ended up doing most of it for Max, cause the little cutter was kinda hard to manipulate.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Gimme a hug

I literally worked 60 hours this last week and am having flashbacks to my prior self.  Good (love the creativity, purpose) and bad (no exercise and my neck and shoulders ache).  So while plugging away on a web project yesterday (the good) my son walks up to me and says - gimme a huuuuuuuggggggg.  So he leaned into me and I hugged him.  Then he said something so cute, I thought - I need to write that down.  Then I didn't...

and now I remember that it was cute and confirmed to me that he is just an angel..but I can't remember exactly what it was he said! 

So today is for fun stuff, lite run, hangin' out and making apple pie.  Give my brain a chance to clean out the debris from last week.  It's already working, cause he called me into his room just now and I was mildly annoyed to have to stop posting.... 

It was for him to inform me that next weekend for my 1/2 marathon, the weather looks to be perfect - 40's at the start and partly cloudy.  He knew I was worried about the weather and wanted to tell me the good news.  I loooooove that boy!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Alisa Burke's Pretty Pumpkins!

She really has amazing tutorials on her site - gotta save my pennies to take a class of hers!
These could last well into the holidays!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Pics from Last Weekend

You expect the fall leaves pics, but if you look closely - there is still color left to be seen in the garden...

I love this one!

This is the view out the window of my inlaws.

These are the raspberries I spent 2 hours picking - I now have 40 jars of raspberry preserves!

Here's Max's successful hunt.

I love fall!


Yes, I am a WI girl who lived alot of her life in MN - so I actually naturally do say oofta.  I earned the right to say ooofta - 12 miles later. 

My hubby, I think makes comments when really, he is upset or just worried (This is good that I understand this or I would want to kill him right now...)  I got a little over heated and am just now, 2 hours later starting to feel like myself, but I had to keep sitting down cause I was getting light-headed and felt very nauseous.  I did two gels and 1 qt of gatorade on the run, but I have also never done 12 miles before...Anyway, back to my not killing my husband - He says why do you feel so bad?  I say - I just ran 12 miles.  He says - Well you did not really run the 12 miles.  I say "I was on my feel and moving for 12 miles, 2 hours and 35 minutes later...what have you done today?" 

We are all beat tonight - Max had a sleepover, the dog got groomed - poor Oscar boy, that is just a traumatic experience for him, but he looks cute!  Off to bed early!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Caution - Hunting and First Scheduled Long Run

We are headed to the in-laws this weekend.  For you vegans - stop here - everyone else..scroll down

My 10 year old gets to go gun hunting for the first time with Dad.  Now, some may not agree with hunting - don't bother to neg comment here, cause it's a big deal in our family.  We do all the good stuff with eating what we hunt etc.  What's so great about it is that Max gets great time with Dad and learns respect for the rifle, respect for the animal and spends time away from electronics in the outdoors.  He woke up this morning to tell me that he dreamed there was a big buck, then another bigger one came in, then still another until there were 10 bucks...oh, oh maybe only 4 in range.  LOL - I told him he was a true hunter cause the story just gets bigger and bigger!

Now for the long run - longest so far since the ankle has be 5.5 miles - so my 10 scheduled for tomorrow will be interesting!  Wish me luck!  Also - work has exploded around I am up to my ears in google analytics, web forms and key words!  Good things!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Back Running & Fair Isle Knitting

Had our big quilt show last weekend.  Lots of fun and work!  It was worth it.  I learned alot!  I donated my first pair of Fair Isle Mittens to our silent auction.  They brought in $21.50 for our local family shelter - Grace Place.  If you've never tried Fair Isle, it's not as hard as I thought it would be and bonus, it goes pretty fast and keeps you interested. 

Been back to routine running this week and I feel much better!  Tomorrow, will do a 8 or 9 mile long run - maybe longer if I feel good.  Off to Fall Fest this weekend at the in-laws.  Will hopefully get a family portrait in the leaves too!