Monday, August 23, 2010

Sorry, Oscarboy - you can't go.

So here's a pic of me right before I set out on my 10 mile long run yesterday morning at 6:45 am.

Check out the upper left corner....

It's Oscar...he has the heart of a big dog that would love to just run and run, but alas, he's got a little gimpy leg that really only lets him go about a mile. 

Here is my morning glory vines going nuts!  They are so pretty!  This is the first year I got the things to successfully grow!  My droid takes pretty good pictures, but it really does not capture how the color of these just glows! 

Long run was good!  I actually went about 10.5 because I accidentally turned off the garmin for about 1/2 mile.  I am sure you can imagine the explitives that were muttered.   So, on a positive note, that makes thinking about doing 11 in two weeks much easier to accept!  ;)  I am having a little problem with my right foot, but it sounds like some orthotics should help it.  I land hard on my right big toe - metatarsal issues!  So I have downloaded also, a new way to lace up my shoes.  Will test it out tomorrow.

My boy is heading to middle school this year, so now we have to be fashion conscious...which means no more wally world apparel!  Off to Aeropostle, Gap and American Eagle we went.  My hubby got a shirt from American Eagle and when he got home, tried it on.  Yeah, 44 year old can NOT pull off that look.  So we laughed a little and I'll probably wear the shirt around the house.

It's hot again...aarrrrggggg, but it sounds like less humid weather is on our way.  Last full week of summer vaca for the boy!  Heads back to school week from Wed.  This is when I wish I could drive so I could take him to a bunch of fun places.  Oh well! 

Hope your long run went well!


Rae said...

Yay for your 10-mile run! Your dog is cute!

Teamarcia said...

OMG Oscar is adorable! I've got a willing little dog who worked up to one mile before the gimp set in. Gotta love em!

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