Tuesday, August 10, 2010

18 mph vs 8 mph - I get speedwork now!

So you read and read and read because you are just a crazy girl who can't get enough.  Well, you follow what the books and the articles say about speedwork, hills, long runs and you are a new runner so you just think...they're the experts they know what they are talking about!  Well now I have a VISUAL for all you non-speedwork folks who have thought - nah, just need to go out and run mile after mile and that's it. 

If you can sustain this for 1 minute...(which I really didn't it was more the peak of that interval - ;p ) than you can run faster for longer periods and it won't feel as tough!  WOW! I am being a little facetious here - but it definately is eye-opening.  I also had during a few of the intervals today where I felt my legs were actually seperate from the rest of my body.  They were just truckin' along like a well oiled machine..I think that was a sneak peak to the runner's high I have heard about?  That could get seriously addictive if it would last longer than 40 seconds!  LOL!  It's also amazing how having a rest day after the long run, you are READY to go!  To the tune of 18 mph ready to go! 


Rae said...

I keep waiting for the runners' high to kick in. Soon I hope!

shannon said...

Rest days are crucial for running success. It's also a great excuse when sitting around the house doing next to nothing. "Just adhereing to my scheduled rest day"! :)