Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One. Hundred. Miles. ;)

Yep!  Did a quick 2 miler cause I realized yesterday that I was just 2 miles away from 100.  I am dedicating my 1/2 marathon training to those loved ones I miss.  Matt's birthday was August. 4th.  September miles will be for my Mom, Marlene and October miles will be for my neice, Kasey.  (She likes to show up on my runs as butterflies - I've asked her what she plans on doing this winter? **smile**)
I wish you all could have known all 3 of them.  I am the person I am because of them.
Running is not just for physical health, but for emotional as well. 
Go hug someone you love today and then go for a run!

Monday, August 30, 2010

10 miler - No Ipod! That's the cherry on top!

So if you are on daily mile - skip ahead!  10 miler up and down a country road on Saturday with black flies and no ipod - Good to say it's DONE!  11 miler for this weekend!  I have got to figure out this stiff neck deal before the hubby heads out to Colorado! 

On quilting/art news for me - I am taking an online class from Wyanne and it's been wonderful to help me get back to my art!  Very fun!

I was tagged by elizabethlacy at canyon cairns for the Cherry on Top award.  Thanks so much Elizabeth!

1. Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?  Well, this is a hard one!  If I could magically get back people that have passed, I would do that in a millesecond.  But, I am a firm believer that those folks are with me everyday, I just need to make myself open to recognizing the signs.  At the end of the day, I think we make our own opportunities and past is past.  You want to change something?  Change something right now.  Ya got right now - no time for regrets!

2. Secondly, pick 6 people and give them this award. Make sure to inform the person that they have gotten this award!

For those folks that like to find new blogs - here are a few of my favorites, some running, some quilting/art!:
Sue Bleiweiss - art quilter extroidinaire!
Ruth - This gal did the Ragnar Relay!  Woot Wooot!!!
Mysti and Michelle - Two former roommates learning how to run and writing about it!
Leah - Machine Quilting Artist and fabulous instructor! 
Cheryl - Art Quilter who posts regularily with testing new techniques - very fun!
Jacquie - Modern Quilter and fellow Improv(e) Your Butt Challenger
You all seriously rock in the blog department and I get something from your posts everytime! 

3. Be sure to thank the person who gave you the award.  I did - see above! ;) 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

9:21 Mile! PR by 10 seconds!

So all you runners out there, how do you monitor your fitness improvements?  I am running my fastest mile test each week to see where I am at and to test my brain to see if I can push it.  It seems to be working! 

Are you on daily mile?  It's really cool!  http://www.dailymile.com/

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sorry, Oscarboy - you can't go.

So here's a pic of me right before I set out on my 10 mile long run yesterday morning at 6:45 am.

Check out the upper left corner....

It's Oscar...he has the heart of a big dog that would love to just run and run, but alas, he's got a little gimpy leg that really only lets him go about a mile. 

Here is my morning glory vines going nuts!  They are so pretty!  This is the first year I got the things to successfully grow!  My droid takes pretty good pictures, but it really does not capture how the color of these just glows! 

Long run was good!  I actually went about 10.5 because I accidentally turned off the garmin for about 1/2 mile.  I am sure you can imagine the explitives that were muttered.   So, on a positive note, that makes thinking about doing 11 in two weeks much easier to accept!  ;)  I am having a little problem with my right foot, but it sounds like some orthotics should help it.  I land hard on my right big toe - metatarsal issues!  So I have downloaded also, a new way to lace up my shoes.  Will test it out tomorrow.

My boy is heading to middle school this year, so now we have to be fashion conscious...which means no more wally world apparel!  Off to Aeropostle, Gap and American Eagle we went.  My hubby got a shirt from American Eagle and when he got home, tried it on.  Yeah, 44 year old can NOT pull off that look.  So we laughed a little and I'll probably wear the shirt around the house.

It's hot again...aarrrrggggg, but it sounds like less humid weather is on our way.  Last full week of summer vaca for the boy!  Heads back to school week from Wed.  This is when I wish I could drive so I could take him to a bunch of fun places.  Oh well! 

Hope your long run went well!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I broke a 10 minute mile!

Yippy Skippy!  Ran the whole way and toasted it!  Then I celebrated by doing 10 hill sprints!  ;)

Monday, August 16, 2010

I do more than run and quilt!

Really I do!  This summer I worked with a good friend of mine to get her marketing up to par with her wonderful glasswork.  I knew her from my past life at my old job.  So now on my new adventures I get design fun stuff like this!

The art quilt on my blog was a gift to her and it was the jumping off point for the design of her website and marketing collateral.  So it turned into this...

Please go check out her website at http://www.glassgardendesigns.com/.  She does custom work through her etsy shop.  If you have an image that is from one of your races or an inspirational message for your training now or if you just need a stinkin' beautiful gift for yourself of loved one - she's your gal!  Let me know what you think of the site too!  Know someone who needs a great site for a fair price - I'm your gal for that too!  Folks can contact me through my other website - http://www.klscgroup.com/.  Thanks for letting me share! 

93 miles with top speed of 69 mph

Friday's hot run ended at 3:36 miles in about 45 agonizing minutes.  Got home and got ready to go to my inlaws to clean up the storm mess of trees down.  Rushing around and with my internet down since Wed. last week, I did not look at my Garmin to see if it was turned off, just threw all my running gear in my purse and off we went.  Low and behold when I download last night after my 9 miler, interesting to see that I just did not quit running on Friday!  So good to know it reads satelite signal from here to Wabasha! 

Notes from last night's long run -
Pretty nice to run in the evening!  Running into the sundown kinda sucked though.  Ran 2/walk 1 minute the whole run of 1:46.  That made an average pace of 12:06 per mile.  Hammies were really tight, but did some stretching and will be doing yoga later after mowing the lawn.  Used sport beans for the first time 1/2 way through.  Ate a handful and then stashed the rest, picked away at them every mile for the rest of the time.  Really pretty sunset last night and beautiful weather.  It's funny, when I run in my neighborhood, these kids come out and ride up and down the road checking me out!  They must be between 4-7 years old

Before my run last night, I got to spend the afternoon with my friend Jill - she has ran for the last 5 years or so, but she's in her rut right now.  Hip problems and hot summer heat, she's just not feelin' it.  So I gave her one of my Galloway books (really it's ok to walk - you will actually run more and be happier...)  I hope it inspires her as it has me! 

While out and about, we stopped at our local running store and I got some gels, , etc to try on my long runs.  We had a nice lunch at Olive Garden and did a stop at Trader Joe's to get my favorite dressing ever!  Cranberry Walnut Vinagrette! 

We also hit the bookstore and I got a copy of Running Times.  I really like it!  Newest Sookie Stackhouse (I can read these puppies in about a day and 1/2)  and some soduku puzzle books!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

18 mph vs 8 mph - I get speedwork now!

So you read and read and read because you are just a crazy girl who can't get enough.  Well, you follow what the books and the articles say about speedwork, hills, long runs and you are a new runner so you just think...they're the experts they know what they are talking about!  Well now I have a VISUAL for all you non-speedwork folks who have thought - nah, just need to go out and run mile after mile and that's it. 

If you can sustain this for 1 minute...(which I really didn't it was more the peak of that interval - ;p ) than you can run faster for longer periods and it won't feel as tough!  WOW! I am being a little facetious here - but it definately is eye-opening.  I also had during a few of the intervals today where I felt my legs were actually seperate from the rest of my body.  They were just truckin' along like a well oiled machine..I think that was a sneak peak to the runner's high I have heard about?  That could get seriously addictive if it would last longer than 40 seconds!  LOL!  It's also amazing how having a rest day after the long run, you are READY to go!  To the tune of 18 mph ready to go! 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

9.37 MIles! Longest Run Ever!

Really great few days of running lately!  Friday was fabulous with the weather and ran my fastest splits for 4-5-6 miles - yeah!  Yesterday was a great rest day with heading to our family reunion - fun to see everyone!  It was pretty hot and humid, but the food and company was great.  Big family on my step-dad's side!  We saw later, the movie Despicable Me.  Cute, but a little predictable.  Crashed last night!

9.37 miles, 2 hours and 6 minutes - 13:21 avg pace.  Ran 2 minutes, walked 1 per Galloway method for long run.

Today's long run was run around my local neighborhood, so no new streets to explore.  I was out the door by 6:30 and it was humid!  72 degrees.  Not much air moving for a breeze.  Tried out my new non-Camelback water carrier.  Some extra bodyglide, cause it was gonna chafe for sure!  Easy to set up and I was glad for it later!  I felt a little like I was going for a trip on the moon, I was so geared up with my hydration pack, garmin and ipod!  Nothing really to report other than I was happy to see the sun go under the clouds!  The first 2 miles were probably the toughest with just getting into the swing of things, then just kept goin'!

The only thing is that I got a Gymboss - could not feel it vibrating to alert me to switch, so I put it into the inside of my armband.  4 miles in - died on me - SOAKED!  It's working now, but it was a bummer to have to keep looking at my garmin to see if my interval was done yet.  I got through a few intervals just thinking of potential solutions!  I am gonna check their website too.  I am sure it was USER ERROR on my part.  I sweat...ALOT!

I had a great power nap after I iced my legs - I asked on dailymile why power naps are so awesome after long runs?  I feel great now that I have eaten and napped.  Guess I just have to use it as my excuse to nap - sorry just ran lots of miles, gotta snooze!

Tomorrow is recovery and I am going to do some serious quilting.  Tuesday will be speedwork and strength.  Gonna go search for a new lawn mower and some better running shorts on the internet now!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I am REGISTERED! Monster Dash 1/2 Marathon Participant!

It's non-refundable, so I guess I gotta do it!

I ran my magic mile for the Galloway method and I can do it!  I waited another day to re-coup from my long run.  Ran it this morning in the soggy heat and did it in 10:43.  That's even with a couple of 10 yard walks.  I will run the MM every couple of weeks to see how my training is going.  I am going into this first 1/2 to really experience the training and enjoy the race - Complete vs Compete for this first one!  I also looked at the 2009 results and I really do think I can be a true mid-packer on this one! 

I am sooooooo excited! 
I dreamed about rearranging my training plan all last night.  I am off to join the Distrance Dreamers!

Monday, August 2, 2010

ooooh, am I crazy? has the 1/2 bug bitten? Friend me!

Mmmmmm, thinking it over long and hard tonight, but I am pretty excited to maybe sign up for my first 1/2 marathon!  I have just the right amount of time and these lovely folks are the reason why I am thinking this over!  I think I am going to get my nephew to sign up with me!

I am now on Daily Mile as Kelly L. - come friend me! 

Head over to a fellow midwesterner's blog - Julie is hosting a great giveaway!