Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wabasha 7 Mile Run Recap

From Google Images
Run Stats -

Saturday, July 3rd

6.97 miles

1 hour 34 min.

This image is from google images, not one that I took.  But it's the exact garden that I ran by on the start of my 7 mile long run this last Saturday.  The gal that owns this beautiful spot was out weeding and I got to personally compliment her.  So, so beautiful! 

I started the run around 9:15.  I had a map that I had printed out from my micoach.  I need to find a better solution, cause the route lines cover the road names and when you are running in place trying to figure out where the heck you are...well, ya just look a little silly!  After awhile, I was oriented enough to know where I was, so I just ran up and down the city streets, every once and awhile checking my micoach for stats.  Of course during one of those times, I must have hit a button on my ipod that stopped nike+ from recording the workout...arrrrrrggggghhhh!  So I only got credit for 1.76 on nike+.  Oh well!  I am kinda anal about wanting to see it all on the computer screen!  I know I am silly to wear 2 different tracking systems - but I am almost to the green level on Nike+ and that's a big deal to me!

The first intervals of 4 minutes run/2 minutes walk went really well.  At about 3 miles, I started drinking my gatorade.  When I got to 4.5 miles, my podcast was done and I was to the gas station, so I stopped to get a bottle of water.  Used half to pour over my head and the other half to replenish my drinking bottle.  By this time, it's getting really, really hot out.  I stuck to as many shaded areas as I could and ran those, walked the sun!  The next 2.5 were pretty tough, because now my feet were super sweaty and they were starting to rub on the shoes.  They were wicking socks, but when it's that hot, there's just no place else for it to go!  At about 1 miles to go, I started to get chills.  Having read my Galloway book on running and been listening and reading lots of stuff on the web - I knew this was the start of the heat getting to me, so I completely walked the last mile and drank the rest of my water.  So all in all - I feel really good about it.  I paid attention to my body and got to run somewhere new.  I will definately plan more of these whenever I know I will be somewhere different.  Can't wait to do this same run this fall when it's 40 degrees out!  Oh and another side note - with running outside - I highly recommend folks get some Road ID gear.  I ordered the bracelet yesterday.

I am on Week 5 of the 5K training program.  Run 8 minutes, walk 2 - repeat 3 times.  I did that run yesterday and it went well, but just stuck to the regular workout and did not add the extra 2 miles that I usually do.  Another deal I learned from Galloway is to every 3-4th week of your training, cut back miles so your body has a chance to recharge.  I will be running a 5K in New Richmond - Willow River Run this Saturday.  It's at 7:35, so here's to hoping it's relatively lower humidity and with a slight breeze.  I think it's wishful thinking cause that weather is not supposed to be hear until Monday....

Miscellaneous Updates - Max is with the grandparents this week doing his annual swim lessons.  I am finishing up a caring quilt tonight so I will have it in time for Thursday's meeting. Should have pics of it tomorrow.  Got the salt-water system hooked up to the pool today.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go well with it or I will never hear the end of it from my lovely husband. 

 I am gonna go watch this week's web episode of The Quilting Show now!

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