Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lumberjack Days 5K Race & BBall tourney

The boy took 3rd in the tourney - Just could not get the bats goin!  It was a great season with fabulous coaching and growth.  When you're the young kid on the totem pole, it can be hard to run with the big boys, but he did just fine!
One of my friends could not make the race due to her boy breaking his arm the day before.  BUMMER!  Poor kiddo!  My other friend, did and she smoked!  She/s only been training this summer and she got a time of around 32:30!  Here's my question (and I will research this a bit on the internet too,) but how accurate are your Garmin 305's?  The route was clear and it had me at 3.1 miles in 33:04, where the chip time was 36:15.  Just curious.  I am trying to see the war vs the battle or the forest for the trees...every race is different and at the end of the day - I am in this for more reasons than to race.  Here's the contrast from the first week of June to now:
lbs lost - 5
Leg swelling due to Reynauds - Pretty much gone.
I have calve muscles.  really - there are lines there!
Thighs are much more toned - perfect?  Nope, but really, really much better.  I can actually wear shorts.
Arm's - I am not ashamed to go sleeveless!
Vitamin D - levels normal. 
Getting out of my house for other reasons than just walking the dog up the driveway - Fantastic!
Adventures - many with my long runs and 5K races.
High fives from my son for my run times - get them weekly now!  He's such a sweetie!
So, with just a few weeks - this could all happen to you too!  Go slow, get persistant and surround yourself with all that interests you!  Running rocks and I will keep on keepin' on!
More pics to be gotten off my phone for tomorrow's post.  There was actually a guy that ran it in full lumberjack geat - winter hat with the earflaps included...he was sweet and let me take his pic!  Shirts are cute too, by the way!

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