Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm a winner, 5K Report, Long Run

A few weeks back, I posted a comment on this great blog - Girl Running and I won her giveaway!

Girl Running Giveaway Prize

It was a secret until I got it in the mail - pretty nice! For those non-runners out there, the black thingy is a bondi band you wear on your head to wick the lovely sweat away from your eyes. It's so funny, cause I had just gotten my order of 4 of those puppies in the mail! (Different colors and patterns of course!) Gotta say that I look completely ridiculous because I have no hair, even when I had longer hair, I sweat so stinkin' much that It just plasters straight to my head. I am NOT a cute runner. Big tall gangly 41 year old plodding down the street is what I am, but I am proud to be movin!

Here's my pic from my long run yesterday morning.
Run details - Start - 6:30 AM, 1 hour and 40 minutes - 8 to 9.5 miles - depends on what device you want to go with! :) I will go with the MiCoach and it was just over 8. 1 mile better than 2 weeks ago and much faster - good 2 minutes per mile faster. That's what cool air and a plan will get ya! Plus, I just know more what to expect and these days - every two weeks, I can totally tell a difference in how much better I am running.
The first part had was a grassy trail that is much safer to run on than our road leading to the highway. Big deal with that was the grass was REALLY wet and that caused my feet to get sopping wet and then slide around in my shoes. I have a lovely blister to teach me that lesson. I may need to ride my bike that .5 mile and stash it in the weeds. I am now craving different running routes as my runs get longer. (Can't drive, cause I am legally blind from retinitis pigmentosa) Well, where there is a will there is a way! The rest of the run went really well, saw 3 other runners out and about, along with a 20-something guy on a skateboard with his dog. I felt very safe. Saw a cop. Got to see parts of my town I had not really stopped to notice. I love cute houses! Got back about 8:20 and the boy was not even out of bed yet! It did not even seem like I was gone that long. I just ran 4 minutes and walked 1 minute until I got in my 8 miles! My pace is weird - MiCoach says it goes from 9-12:00 per mile in just that 4 minutes, but I feel like my pace is the same....Garmin 305 is calling my name...Kelly, you need me...kelly you need me.....
I had a 5K race last week - I posted on FB that it was a PR for me at 34:11. That was cool! I am doing another 5k this upcoming weekend with some girlfriends - Lumberjack Days 5K in Stillwater MN - I hear the course is flat and fast and hope to do as well, if not better than 34:00. On deck for this week is some 400M intervals and some hill work. I am reading tons of running blogs lately and I think like quilters, there is not a runner I would not like. ;)
I have some serious quilting that needs to get done this month in time for our quilt show. Gotta get my to do list going! I am also switching over from typepad to blogger - cause it's just a better way to go.
I am debating joining our local gym - I would love to get out of the house more, but our winters would make it hard to get there..again, where there's a will...anyway - how many of you are members of a gym or do you workout at home?
When I get my blog officially switched over, I am gonna do a little giveaway myself! Stay tuned...

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Rae said...

Hi! Just wanted to thank you for that link. I will check it out! Good luck this weekend on your 5K!