Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First True Intervals Workout!

Lots of reading lately of Runners World, books by Galloway, Fitzgerald, Daniels - all of them propose that you get various running workouts in.  Now that's nothing new to really anyone, but it's definately interesting to read details about the hows and whys these workouts are a good thing to do. 

Here's my first true interval workout -

I mapped out one of the turnarounds in my neighborhood that is level and it's .26 miles from the start back to the finish.  My plan was to run as fast as I could for .25 and then recover for .25 - basically a lap fast, lap recover.  Well, the first run at 7 min mile pace KILLED me at about 200 yards - so a new plan was developed!  ;)  Run as fast as you can for 200 yards, recover the other 200 and do 12 reps.  Most of the intervals I did at around 8:15 pace.  This felt really good with trying to keep my feet light, body relaxed, breathing somewhat regulated.  Heart rate at max of 179-180.  Getting it back down to 140 by the start of the next interval shows me that my heart is definately getting stronger.
Thoughts running through my head are that I am going to mark my schedule at once per month to run this workout and see the progression of my pace.  I am a good girl and having a recovery shake while I type this!  Now I am off to finish up some design work for a friend's art business and catch up on the never-ending supply of laundry.

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