Saturday, July 31, 2010

Well, Hills Suck!

LOL - They really do! Which only tells me that I really, really need to start cross training.  So, this week - I will be doing committing to 2 days of CT workouts to try them out.  To me, cross training means sore - sore means hard to walk!  It also means developing muscle and losing yep.  IT'S TIME.

What are your favorite cross training things to do?  Do you weight train?  I know lots of people kick box and do hot yoga - both of which I don't have easy access to classes...

Oh yeah, why do I know hills suck? Cause the impromtu 5K I did this morning had big - mean -  long ones.  At least they seemed so to me.  My friend's husband who ran the stinkin' 5K in just over 22 minutes - he's like - why does everyone think this is hilly?  Eeeerrrrrgggggghhhh.  whaaaaaattttttteeeeeeevvvvveeeeerrrr dude!  I couldn't hit him cause they gave me a ride to this torture.  I did my normal cheering to all those speedy folks that were coming back from the turning point - It's amazing how people look surprised that I am cheering them on.  If I could run that fast, I would want someone to say WOOO WHOOO!!!  A senior runner lady next to me said - how do you have energy to yell?  I said, cause I walk! (smile) Huff,puff away. I guess I am just a sunny, crazy person out there!  And I cheered everyone on!  Anyone that looked like they were in pure pain - they got a wooo whooo- keep goin!"

Anyway - I did it in 35:52 - So, my plateau has been reached with my current training - 33-36 minutes for a easy-difficult 5K.   My friend asked if I wanted to do another in 2 weeks with her and her sister.  I declined, cause I said I was going into a new phase of training and it would be too soon to race.  I have been researching my next phase and Matt Fitzgerald's Brain Training looks to be the winner.  I am blending in a little Galloway for the long runs, but instead of doing bi-weekly long runs, I am going to do weekly long runs, but do them run/walk/run.  I want to get stronger, but I do not want to get injured and ruin all of this base I have built. 

Well my Maxi has a friend over and I promised a bonfire with some serious smore's action! 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Fitness - Improv(e) Your Butt!

Along with running, I am just as passionate about quilting - art quilting is really my deal.  I make pieced quilts for our Caring Quilts at the guild, but I love, love art quilting.  Anyway - the love of quilting, means alot of sittin' on your butt, either at the sewing machine or in your chair if you are doing handwork.  Thus, the need to get equally passionate about running!  So, it's funny that other quilters are feeling the same way.  I follow Tallgrass Prairie Studio and she posted about this challenge -

Her directions are really clear about how to sign up - come on over and join the fun!  I think with all my miles for fabric, I will be actually making a king size quilt for our bed.  Something I said I would never do - just like running - I thought I would never actually do it!  Let me know if you sign up!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Little tiny, tiny taste of fall

Running and designing is my life lately!

It was actually a tiny bit cool out this morning!  A miniscule sampling of fall!  Today's run - 12x200 repeats with 1m warm and cool down.  Ran them 6:56 - 7:48 pace.  Which is much faster than last week's 7:30 - 8:30 pace.  So funny after about the 5th, I think I had slowed down considerably and I look down at the garmin and I am going faster...I am starting to get a glimpse of what a 10 minute mile will actually feel like!  I think that's the point of going really fast, so that the other paces you thought you would never, ever be able to do, you now can!  Plus, I can definately feel my muscles much more than after a regular run - so they are getting TESTED.

Had tons of fun yesterday morning after popping into Tall Mom's blog and checking out all sorts of running blogs.  I really think I am going to like blogger much better than typepad!  So much inspiration out there - I love art/quilting blogs just as much, very similar, passionate and friendly people.

Been working on a friend's website and marketing materials for the last couple of weeks.  That's the front of the business card I designed.  Once her website goes live, I will post a link. is pretty cool to work with, without having to know lovely code.  Doing projects like this really brings me back to my old life, but in a better way, cause I am much, much more happy to be doing this!  I did a quickie re-tool of my blog graphics, but will be back at that after our big quilt show in September.  We meet tonight to discuss all the details for that.  (that little dragonfly quilt in the about me section is an art quilt I did this spring.)

Off to work on the guild website for a bit and then enjoy the afternoon outside!  (I got the first season of True Blood on netflix, so looking forward to seeing those - I am only through book 2)

Have a good run!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

4:37 Pace!

I was as fast as Oscar let out free today!
For 10 seconds that is!  Did my first set of official hill repeats today.  Did an easy 2 miles warm up and then tackled the short/nasty hill in our neighborhood.  I took off going as fast as I could, as controlled as I could.  Tried to keep my form good and feet light.  My minutes per mile speeds for each 10 second interval:

4:37 - ohh - gee I can actually run that fast!!!!!

Hmm - pretty all over the place...I had originally slated 10 repeats, but that seventh one did me in.  Yes, of course the 1050% humidity could have been a factor!  Anyway, it was a good first track of what I can do, now I need to be more consistant and add onto the pile.  Feel good, but not too blasted from the workout.  Tomorrow is a rest day!  Between working out and working on a friend's website - I need to take a turn at being mommy tomorrow!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pics from Lumberjack 5K

Here they are as promised!

Here we are, bright and early waiting for the race to start. That's me on the left.  I got to carry the key to the car and my phone - thus the geeky belt.  I really did not need my phone, but I wanted to take pics.  I think the Droid did pretty well!  I will be looking for a different solution - maybe an arm band?  Too heavy to put in your shorts pocket...

The coach of my son's baseball team ran in the race too.   He smoked at under 24:00 minutes.  Good for him! 

Great race - looking forward to next year!  Hope to have a bigger posse of runner friends there next year!

Here's Lumberjack David.  He passed me enroute.  Yep, a guy in full lumberjack gear passed me.  I was actually in a run interval, so I couldn't take a pic of him passing me...but thought I would try to catch him at the end.  He's a pretty young guy - I am telling myself he is a track star that could run in a bear outfit and still pass me! 

Here we are walking to the start line.  This is my first Lumberjack Days 5K and I was happy with how they ran the event.  You get your tshirts at the end, which was cool to not have to run back to your car to stash or run with it in your hand or have to wear it.  But it was still kinda crazy to get them.  Just a little crowded is all.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lumberjack Days 5K Race & BBall tourney

The boy took 3rd in the tourney - Just could not get the bats goin!  It was a great season with fabulous coaching and growth.  When you're the young kid on the totem pole, it can be hard to run with the big boys, but he did just fine!
One of my friends could not make the race due to her boy breaking his arm the day before.  BUMMER!  Poor kiddo!  My other friend, did and she smoked!  She/s only been training this summer and she got a time of around 32:30!  Here's my question (and I will research this a bit on the internet too,) but how accurate are your Garmin 305's?  The route was clear and it had me at 3.1 miles in 33:04, where the chip time was 36:15.  Just curious.  I am trying to see the war vs the battle or the forest for the trees...every race is different and at the end of the day - I am in this for more reasons than to race.  Here's the contrast from the first week of June to now:
lbs lost - 5
Leg swelling due to Reynauds - Pretty much gone.
I have calve muscles.  really - there are lines there!
Thighs are much more toned - perfect?  Nope, but really, really much better.  I can actually wear shorts.
Arm's - I am not ashamed to go sleeveless!
Vitamin D - levels normal. 
Getting out of my house for other reasons than just walking the dog up the driveway - Fantastic!
Adventures - many with my long runs and 5K races.
High fives from my son for my run times - get them weekly now!  He's such a sweetie!
So, with just a few weeks - this could all happen to you too!  Go slow, get persistant and surround yourself with all that interests you!  Running rocks and I will keep on keepin' on!
More pics to be gotten off my phone for tomorrow's post.  There was actually a guy that ran it in full lumberjack geat - winter hat with the earflaps included...he was sweet and let me take his pic!  Shirts are cute too, by the way!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I got it!

Ok - I am done with Nike+.  I listened to Phedippidations #235 Behind the Swoosh.  It was really an eye-opener.  Will I get rid of all my Nike stuff - no, but I will think long and hard before buying any of their stuff again.  Really, the reason I am done with Nike+ is because I have lost so many workouts to my own ID10T errors and hitting the buttons and losing it somehow.  This is a bummer to a gal that REALLY needs to see the numbers....Ok, so what did I get?  I found a great deal on Amazon for the Garmin 305.  LOL, I am now a serious runner!  No, really - I know that's not true, I am just good ol' gadget girl.  Hmmmm, I just thought of something.  Geez, I hope this thing is not touchy too, like my ipod!  Well, we'll see!  Gonna do an easy run tomorrow after this rain moves through and try it out.  I got our playlist all ready to go for the Lumberjack Days 5K.  I did a mix in Adobe Soundbooth with 3-3:30 minute songs - 1 minute breaks in between songs.  I can run pretty fast if I know I get a break.  Mental training is something I am working on....
With these and the 1 minute or so breaks, it would get me a new PR of 33:15.  Take about a minute off my old PR of 34:11.  I will get fast as I get more in shape, but this will make me very happy to start inching my way to a respectable 30 minute 5K.  I want that by October. PERIOD.  Then I will get into the late 20's by next spring's racing season. 
Anyway - here are the songs! -
You're So Damn Hot - Ok Go
Gold Digger - Glee Version
Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz & Ludacris
I Want You to Want Me - Cheap Trick
Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani
Coast to Coast - The Chipmunks - (YES, I would like to smile as I am gasping for breath!)
Whoomp (There it is) - Tag Team
Bottoms Up - Keke Palmer
Hot Girls in Love - Loverboy

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend of runs and races!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm a winner, 5K Report, Long Run

A few weeks back, I posted a comment on this great blog - Girl Running and I won her giveaway!

Girl Running Giveaway Prize

It was a secret until I got it in the mail - pretty nice! For those non-runners out there, the black thingy is a bondi band you wear on your head to wick the lovely sweat away from your eyes. It's so funny, cause I had just gotten my order of 4 of those puppies in the mail! (Different colors and patterns of course!) Gotta say that I look completely ridiculous because I have no hair, even when I had longer hair, I sweat so stinkin' much that It just plasters straight to my head. I am NOT a cute runner. Big tall gangly 41 year old plodding down the street is what I am, but I am proud to be movin!

Here's my pic from my long run yesterday morning.
Run details - Start - 6:30 AM, 1 hour and 40 minutes - 8 to 9.5 miles - depends on what device you want to go with! :) I will go with the MiCoach and it was just over 8. 1 mile better than 2 weeks ago and much faster - good 2 minutes per mile faster. That's what cool air and a plan will get ya! Plus, I just know more what to expect and these days - every two weeks, I can totally tell a difference in how much better I am running.
The first part had was a grassy trail that is much safer to run on than our road leading to the highway. Big deal with that was the grass was REALLY wet and that caused my feet to get sopping wet and then slide around in my shoes. I have a lovely blister to teach me that lesson. I may need to ride my bike that .5 mile and stash it in the weeds. I am now craving different running routes as my runs get longer. (Can't drive, cause I am legally blind from retinitis pigmentosa) Well, where there is a will there is a way! The rest of the run went really well, saw 3 other runners out and about, along with a 20-something guy on a skateboard with his dog. I felt very safe. Saw a cop. Got to see parts of my town I had not really stopped to notice. I love cute houses! Got back about 8:20 and the boy was not even out of bed yet! It did not even seem like I was gone that long. I just ran 4 minutes and walked 1 minute until I got in my 8 miles! My pace is weird - MiCoach says it goes from 9-12:00 per mile in just that 4 minutes, but I feel like my pace is the same....Garmin 305 is calling my name...Kelly, you need me...kelly you need me.....
I had a 5K race last week - I posted on FB that it was a PR for me at 34:11. That was cool! I am doing another 5k this upcoming weekend with some girlfriends - Lumberjack Days 5K in Stillwater MN - I hear the course is flat and fast and hope to do as well, if not better than 34:00. On deck for this week is some 400M intervals and some hill work. I am reading tons of running blogs lately and I think like quilters, there is not a runner I would not like. ;)
I have some serious quilting that needs to get done this month in time for our quilt show. Gotta get my to do list going! I am also switching over from typepad to blogger - cause it's just a better way to go.
I am debating joining our local gym - I would love to get out of the house more, but our winters would make it hard to get there..again, where there's a will...anyway - how many of you are members of a gym or do you workout at home?
When I get my blog officially switched over, I am gonna do a little giveaway myself! Stay tuned...

First True Intervals Workout!

Lots of reading lately of Runners World, books by Galloway, Fitzgerald, Daniels - all of them propose that you get various running workouts in.  Now that's nothing new to really anyone, but it's definately interesting to read details about the hows and whys these workouts are a good thing to do. 

Here's my first true interval workout -

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wabasha 7 Mile Run Recap

From Google Images
Run Stats -

Saturday, July 3rd

6.97 miles

1 hour 34 min.

This image is from google images, not one that I took.  But it's the exact garden that I ran by on the start of my 7 mile long run this last Saturday.  The gal that owns this beautiful spot was out weeding and I got to personally compliment her.  So, so beautiful!