Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our First Cardinal & Quit Looking at Dad!

We have our first cardinal!  Yeah!!!!  I know...I am a serious old geeky woman now.  But I DON"T CARE!  It's pretty exciting around here to not have bears taking down your bird feeder and actually getting birds to start coming to it!  I was chatting with Max this morning in his bedroom -(I have decided to embrace summer sleeping in, cause I can.  I refuse to feel guilty.)  Anyway, Moxi our kitty is sitting in his window and she makes a strange little noise and I look out the window and oooooohhhhhh, it's a cardinal!!!!   I get my coffee started and grab the camera and camp out to wait.  Maybe took another 10 minutes before he showed up again! 

Max informed me this morning that officially he turned 10 last night at 11:22.  He is now officially a TWEEN.

Monday night we had a double header.  Max pitched the first inning.  Promptly loaded the bases and then proceeded to strike out the next three hitters!   Scott assistant coaches, so Max was lookin' at him after every pitch.  Rich, our head coach, took control!

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