Saturday, June 26, 2010

First 5K Race of the Summer!


OK - Official race results say 40:03 with a 13:02 mile - this was a run/walk for me at 2:30 run/2:30 walk.  My ipod said that is funky...will have to compare to more chipped races during the rest of this summer.  I felt good, but it was hot, hot, hot!  Very well organized race.  Got to sleep over at Jill's last night due to leaving this morning at 7:00 AM - race was 1/2 hour late due to the weather that came in last night.  A tree had fallen on the race route, so they had to re-arrange the route.  Jill did 36:00 and her sister in law did 30 minutes.  Well, there is only one direction to go and that is up!  With only 3 weeks of training, I think that is decent.  If I can get to 37:00 by the end of the summer, I will be very happy with myself.  This running deal is really something I am going to keep up with cause it just makes me feel so good.

We got to go out to Noodles and Co for dinner last night with Jill's girls.  Then I made Jill take me to The Running Room to get new shoes.  I can tell now, how much my Nike's were actually compressed.  Will update on Monday's run how much better it is to have new shoes!

Allstar Little League game tonight and organizing some stuff for Lupus to pick up on Monday tomorrow.  I am reading ChiRunning, which seems to be very interesting. 

We are having to drain the new pool and move because where we put it, it is not level enough. BUMMER!  Hopefully we will get this puppy up and running before the 4th! 

Have done a little bit of quilting this last week.  Working on another Caring Quilt for the guild and a little table topper for the 4th.  Probably should get that done before the actual holiday - :) 

Now, I am going to watch Quilting Arts and take a little nap!

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