Monday, May 24, 2010

Lupine Evening

Balmy evening with the sun going down is the perfect time to capture these beauties.  Oscar yanking on his leash had a tendency to ruin the moment,,,but we got through it.  Especially when I dumped him back in the house and walked back out to take pics in peace!
It's blurry...but I am on a mission to capture these guys on film!  They have been flitting inbetween our houses in the turnaround.  I am even contemplating tempting the bears to put a feeder...They are so pretty!  (The birds, not bears...) 

Volunteered today - the art department is slowly closing up shop for the year.  Next week, last time for the year, hope like heck-ola it is not as hot for Sports Day as it was today!

Fun quilt shop hopping tomorrow...

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