Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Re-Org and Re-Design Friend's House!

January10 079101
I have been a furnture moving maniac since I learned from my Mom that it's the only way to feel like you really got every thing cleaned up.  It also just makes what is a sucky job fun!  :) 

One of my good friends let me recently into her home to have at it!  Here's the before and afters!  Like alot of people, folks get in a rut and you need someone to stand there and tell you - organize that pile.  Keep, donate and throw where necessary!  I exhausted my poor, good friend - but she is really happy with the results.  My motto is that you should have comfy nooks where you can enjoy your home and enjoy your hobbies.  (Read, knit, listen to your kids play their instruments..etc)

Here are the dining room before's -

January10 06992 January10 07295

Here are the afters...

January10 079101 January10 080102

We created a more useful desk area where my friend and her kids have easy access to the family calendar, important papers, etc.  We moved the book shelf over towards the kitchen to help flow in the room.  We also made the peninsula a NO DROP ZONE!  LOL - It's hard to see in the picture, but we took a small wrought iron basket holder and gave each person a basket for those items they need each day - ie badge for work, keys, etc. 

Here is the living room before's -

January10 07093 January10 07194

The large comfy chair is right in the way of traffic flow to the bedrooms.  The pictures don't show how the living room is one long narrow room.  My friend had her couch up against the far wall, so it was alittle like a bowling alley.  Great for tooling around on your Razor, but not good for enjoying the fireplace or having a conversation.  It was funny, because as soon as I moved the couch, my friend was like "Huh...I never thought to move it there!  We ended up creating two rooms out of the one long room. 

Here are the after's -

January10 081103 January10 07799 
Notice the big comfy char is now gone from that spot.  (Ignore the dusting stuff on the mantel!)  LOL - We hung a mirror on the wall, added art and accessories that have international flair - all things that my friend really loves.  Also, we took a side-trip out to her parent's house and "shopped!"  We got the cream chair, pictures, a sewing table, lamps, etc.  They are really lovely people and it was nice to visit.  ALso notice how we moved the run in front of the fireplace, created a conversation area and moved the hutch to the middle of the wall over by the piano.  All of these things created a coziness.  Pops of red and cream also help tie the rug and furniture together.  Those pics on the wall were taken by my friend's mom - a wonderful photographer!

Here is the second part of the living room - the piano and knitting area!

January10 07497 January10 085105 
This area is now a great place to sit and read by the window.  Look out onto her garden when spring arrives and also have easy access to her magazines, knitting and books via the cabinet behind the couch. 

We also did some work on the basement family room, but did not get any pics taken.  All in all it was exhausting, but SUPER< SUPER FUN!  If I could figure out transportation, I would totally do this for anyone that would ask!  I just love it!  What is so great is that we did not spend any money.  Just cleaning, organzing and opening up our ideas of what the room should look was all we needed to do.  Thanks my fantastic friend for giving me the opportunity!  (For also putting up with me as I directed you about the place!)


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