Thursday, November 5, 2009

Scissors Cramp

Now that I am a full-time SAH Mom, I started volunteering at Max's school once a week.  I work with the 4th grade teachers in the morning and the Art teacher in the afternoon.  This morning I worked on a TOP SECRET project that involved red, yellow and brown felt.  Beaks, gobblers and feet were cut and cut and cut....6 classes worth!  I also got to sort 1400 suckers for this same project...took me a while...but can you start to see feathers?

This afternoon - it was tissue paper cutting time for the 1st graders decoupage lamp shade project - my right hand is a little tired!  The art teacher has promised to set aside a lampshade for me cause I want to make one!  The first graders are so stinkin' cute!

Well water is boiling over on the stove - better go!

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