Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mommy, why are you so busy in the kitchen?


Well, Oscar-boy, it's like this...There's a big holiday coming and it's also hunting season so I get to do lots and lots of cooking.  So what's a girl to do?  Get some honkin' serious tools that's what!  Drum roll please......


 Ooooh isn't it pretty?!  My refurbished Kitchenaid Artisan Stand Mixer and it's little sister a Kitchenaid 750 Food processor!  And folks - if you roll out anything even once a year - get rid of the stupid rolling pin you have and get this french one on Amazon for like $14 - it rolls like a DREAM!!!!!!

I will never, ever, ever, ever buy whipped cream again cause - holy toledo is fresh just amazing!  That pie is a key lime I made for Scott (his favorite).  All of this is also brought to you by America's Test Kitchen.  I have in the oven right now some home-made corn bread and soon will be going in a deep dish pepperoni pizza with home-made dough. 

The timer just went off, so toodle doo!


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