Monday, September 28, 2009

FOB's and Rasberries!


Grandma's salt and pepper shakers look onto my hard work!  I don't ever remember her putting up raspberry preserves, but I do remember her pillowcases with embroidery.  What I wouldn't give to have a few of those now!  This is my first attempt and lots more practice is needed, but I like it! 

Now let's all cross our fingers that at about 3:00 tomorrow when my 24 hours of set time has completed, that I have honest to goodness for the first time ever made my own JAM! 

Sept09_Jam_embroidery 02828

Other notes - We celebrated Grammie's birthday a bit early - I made her a library book bag and a cute little needle point clutch (no pic..duh!)  It was so cute cause I used some swarovski hot fix crystals for the first time on it!  Those can be addicting!  This is the birthday girl, Max and Oscar-boy. 

Sept09_Jam_embroidery 02929

On the bag, it's from Alica Paulson's Jane Market Bagpattern - I did my first needle turn applique and then hid all of my mistakes with some embroidery!  Smile - that embroidery is comin' in handy!  When I did the panel, I did not take into account how the flower stem would mostly be on the bottom of the bag....Oh well - another lesson!

And the back...

Sept09_Jam_embroidery 03232