Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rain & Green beans!

What a rainy few days we have had.  You would think then that I have gotten lots of projects done?  Ran out of floss for my first quilt binding, so we will be out and about today and will pick some up.  Did get my living room all moved around.  Max and I like it, Scott not so much, but he does not spend as much time in it as Max and I, so too bad, so sad, it's staying that way!  :)

In the brief time between rain showers, I was out checking on the garden while Oscar joined me and I found 3 cucumbers (1 is a snack for some little guy - little bits being eaten - kind of cute!) 5 little green beans (which I ate right there as I was searching for more) and lots and lots of little green tomatoes.  The plants are very strong and healthy, just need some heat to really get them going!  Note to self, next year you need to rabbit proof and not put the green beans behind the tomatoes - doh-doh bird! 

I have tons of pictures that need to come out of the camera - great girls weekend and I don't know what else is on to get another cup of coffee and make french toast for the boys.

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