Monday, August 10, 2009

My Super-Pitcher Max & Daddy-Coach

JulyAug 09 pics 16825 I posted the pics finally to flickr, but I need to capture the super-cool, adrenaline pumping last inning of the 2009 Pony League Tourney!  Score is 6-4 and it's the last inning.  Max's swing was a bit off, so no hits for the boy.  Kids start to go to their positions and I notice Max is warming up with Scott to pitch.  I am like...uh oh...I want this season to end on a happy note...should he really pitch?  You have to understand that when Max pitches well, he pitches REALLY well.  When he is off, is he REALLY OFF.  So Scott comes in from the warm up and I ask him what's up and he says, I think he'll be ok, he was really throwing well.  I am on the EDGE of my seat.  BAM, strike one, BAM, strike two, BAM - strike 3!  Second hitter is now up, he strikes, second pitch, gets a grounder that Max catches and throws to first.  2 Outs!  Now the 3rd hitter is up!  REPEAT OF HITTER #1 - YEAH!!!!!  Was I ever screaming my head off.  THAT is the way to end the season!  Aren't they cute?  (Dad is a great coach, but can get a little wound up.  They worked almost every night for an hour this spring/summer on pitching, hitting, catching.)

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