Friday, August 28, 2009

Mom, ya better not blog this...


Now, I ask could I not?  Your 9 year old picks you a flower and you have a camera in your would be a crime!


My two cuties got a little play time in at the lodge this past weekend.  Oscar-boy has a tendency to take off wildly if he is not on a leash. (Wouldn't you?) A spur of the moment decision, I let him go and he ran with abandon up and down the field.  Max got into the act and soon, the dog was in the pond up to his chest.  Well, there's water there and I'm thirsty!  No pics of the wet, messy puppy....

My father-in-law put in wildflowers this spring and they are blooming!




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Melanie said...

I would have blogged it too, had I had a nine year old!