Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Art Quilt - It looks like koolaid spilt all over it.

better pics 02614
Originally uploaded by Maxi Fortend
Yes, those are the words out of my lovely husband. From the Max-boy, mommy it just looks too muddy, not crisp. No offense. LOL - well, who cares! My son, the ART CRITIC. It's done and you have to start somewhere! It was TOTALLY an experiment from start to finish, just took some fabric and started using plain markers, pens and water colors. Stitched it up when I saw a flower theme happening, got some hand quilting practice (it's been a decarde) and then added beading to it - again, to learn some techniques. I am going to make a photo album on facebook here in a bit, so there are more pics to see. It actually looks alot better when it's folded, so I am going to add some elastic and make it a journal cover. Max thought that was a great idea and thougtht I should name it "Kelly's Creative Art Quilts" in bubble letters, no less. Bubble letters are cool since he learned them last year in 3rd grade - that would save it!

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