Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Two Creative Studios Giveaway!

I am already wondering what prize I will win!  *Wink!*   I had seen ads for Two Creative and had meant to go check them out, but not gotten around to it.  I am out on Flickr looking at Convergence Quilt examples and then went to CT Publishing's sets and then saw beautiful work by Sue Bleiweiss.  So I spend a GOOD amount of time on her site and end up seeing that she's apart of Two Creative.  WHEW!  It truly is a small world black hole out there! 

Anyway!  Go check out their website (Monique, yes you - go check it out...Sue is a fellow etsyian.  I see lots of uses for your glasswork in collage! )  and sign up for their newsletter.  Maybe you will win a prize with me!  :) 

Two Creative Studios - go there now! 

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