Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Take time to look up...and down!

Our friends have a wonderful cabin on Lake Vermillion and we just got back from a very relaxing 3 day weekend.  We took the boys to the 1974 spot (it's a secret so no one will know exactly where we were...)


Laying down on the hillside while the boys fished, I turned my head (after taking just a wee bit of a nap) and here's what I saw -


Look up and here's what I saw!


The photo does not capture it, but the clouds were moving very fast, even though where I was laying was fairly protected from the wind.  It was so stinkin' cool to watch the clouds morph and mist and literally it felt like they were descending down on me.  I made the boys come over and lay by me to check it out. 

So lesson here - gosh, take a nap in the sunshine and then look around you cause you never know where you'll see beauty!

Last shot for this post - field of wild flowers at this same spot - so fun to photograph!


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