Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Kelly's gone into a black hole!'s true.  I am taking a brief moment to escape the black hole and well, write about it.

It's the quilting and needlwork black hole on the internet.  Gosh you say - that's just stinkin' boring. 

NOPE - not to this gramma in a 40 year old body!  I actually made my first quilts about 11 years ago and now that I am semi-retired from professional life - I am looking to get back into it. 

Oh my...

Has it grown!  Worried I can't make it to a quilting class cause I don't drive anymore - no worries, just take one online.  Worried that I won't be able to understand a pattern - communities and websites galore to help you.  Can't make it to the store to buy fabric?  HAH!  Just visit your online independent retailer and waaa laaaa - fabric galore!  Can't see quite that well anymore?  Magnifiers and special lamps up the ying yang!  YEAH!!!!!!!!   

There's nothing like going in person to a store, but it can help you research and decide what you really want to work on.  Well, maybe it helps you determine the first 20 projects or so.  Did you know that active quilters start 14 projects a year?  I watched an online show where the guest COMPLETES 20 full-size quilts a year.  Sue Garman is her name. 

So what, you say?  SO THAT"S STINKIN" UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  Amazing..

Well, I need to finsih up this post and LOG off this computer cause, I need to cut the fabric for someone's surprise.  Keep ya posted!

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