Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Got to Lego of it...

Sorry - cute kid stuff will just be apart of my blog, cause I have a cute kid.  I have the right to be biased...it's the mom-deal!  Max has had a fascination just like any other kid with LEGOS!!!!  They are EVERYWHERE - only to be sometimes corralled in the ottoman in the living room or storage containers in his bedroom.  Not little storage containers, big ones...like those you store your bulky winter sweaters in!  I will never, ever forget the sensation of those little squares digging into my tender instep.  He'll make the big set, but more often than not, it's big-time imagination with just a handful of blocks.  Case in point - this lovely creation...


There's his clay dog he made with Kathi - he's got a kitchen, bedroom, bath, living room with flat screen TV and there's even a computer in the kitchen.  I wanted to capture at least one of these creations to represent the HUNDREDS he does!  He'll sit there for hours, talking out loud with complex scenarios, cast of characters..pretty entertaining listening for a mom!


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