Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yummy Pizza & Best Bread Ever!

So I came upon a book about bread at The Chef's Gallery called Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.

It's like $30 there, so I think, I'll check it out on Amazon.  Ends up being a 2 week wait.  So I am poking around on the author's website and blog and it looks so stinkin' good, I start looking all around for another online place to order.  End up going with B&N, I think - anyway - That's the power of a good blog and when you can't drive anymore - thank the good technological lord that we have e-commerce! 

So I have made the "boule"  and also the "olive oil bread."  We had friends over on Saturday night and I made pizzas.  And I quote "This is the best meal I have ever had here! Like this is even better than some of the fancy pizza places in town..."  Well, that can be taken a variety of ways ;) but, I chose to take it as a supreme compliment! 

I made BBQ Chicken, Quattro Formaggi, and good old Pepperoni for the little guys.  Of course I was so busy making them, I did not take pics.  But they looked great - just like the fancy wood fire grill places!

In the fall, the authors are publishing a "healthy" bread book.  I have pre-ordered (and I never do that...)

Off to volunteer with Max's summer camp tomorrow.  Our bus company is letting me tag along on the bus.  I think Max is still little enough where we can get away with this being "cool."  We are going to the local swimming hole.  Max informs me that he would prefer I do not swim.  HAH!  Like I am puttin' on a bathing suit in front of a bunch of 9 year olds!!  Wish me luck!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Friday!

BlueFin2009 113 copy

Every spring, Jill and I go to Bluefin on the north shore.  It's 4 days of hiking, eating and relaxing that I cannot miss.  This pic was from our last night - it's the view from the Bluefin Grill.  It had been drizzly off and on that day, but we were rewarded with a double rainbow!  

If you want to head up there with a friend - You want 16 - it has a full kitchen, living room and sleeping loft with 2 twin beds.  It's been newly renovated too, so it's nice!  Check their website, we take advantage of their buy 2 nights, get one free. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Got to Lego of it...

Sorry - cute kid stuff will just be apart of my blog, cause I have a cute kid.  I have the right to be biased...it's the mom-deal!  Max has had a fascination just like any other kid with LEGOS!!!!  They are EVERYWHERE - only to be sometimes corralled in the ottoman in the living room or storage containers in his bedroom.  Not little storage containers, big ones...like those you store your bulky winter sweaters in!  I will never, ever forget the sensation of those little squares digging into my tender instep.  He'll make the big set, but more often than not, it's big-time imagination with just a handful of blocks.  Case in point - this lovely creation...


There's his clay dog he made with Kathi - he's got a kitchen, bedroom, bath, living room with flat screen TV and there's even a computer in the kitchen.  I wanted to capture at least one of these creations to represent the HUNDREDS he does!  He'll sit there for hours, talking out loud with complex scenarios, cast of characters..pretty entertaining listening for a mom!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Kids and Puppies, what could be better?


Will you play with me? 


First, we must find some toys!


No toys?  I'll just use you as a big puppy toy! 

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Waiting patiently...


The other night I sat patiently...waiting...and then he would show up and the &*^%%$SDS** camera would not work!  He's the cutest humming bird ever!  (Just cause he is gracing me with his presence..)  So I need to get out the tripod, a glass of lemonaide and time to relax as I wait to get the perfect pic!

Also...we have babies!  More on that later!

Friday, June 5, 2009

First Flowers from the Garden

Well, 1/2 flowers and 1/2 "weeds" from the more wild parts of our yard!  Plus a pic of the Oscar-boy sniffing the dandelions.  Dandelions have since bit the dust with some really great weed and feed! 



Thursday, June 4, 2009

Max's Music Show

MusicPresentation_may2009 A few weeks ago, Max had his big spring music presentation.  They used recorders, did sign language...all and all...very entertaining!SignLanguage_Song

Grammie and Papa were able to come!  Here they are inspecting Max's desk..

DeskShowing_Grammie_Papa ProudGrandParents

Sleepin' on the Job

My second in charge was off to nap-land this afternoon.