Monday, January 26, 2009

Ok - I am a bad blogger

Well, plenty has been happening in my life in the last 3 months and a lot of it quite frankly has just BIT THE BIG ONE!  Some stuff just too plain painful to go into here.  Least of which is this stupid cold I have had for 2 weeks straight..cough cough cough...I vowed that as soon as I got even a little bit healthy I would try to get my life back on an even keel.  So here goes...daily blogging for a week - commit to a week and see how I do.

I am un-employed and self-employed until I get hired by someone or make enough money to fully be considered self-employed - whichever comes first!  One of my focuses during this time is to get fully trained in the Adobe products.  I took a class today from Kelby Training -Eddie Tapp where I learned a technique called Bust Out.  As I am writing this, that just seems spectacularily appropriate for how I feel right now!
Here is my practice. 

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