Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Big Easy! Me in New Orleans!

Thumbnailcawu4cez These are not my pictures - grabbed them off the internet because i forgot to bring a card reader fro my own photos.  i am here for work for a tradeshow, so this morning was running around to get everything set up.  Thankfully, everything was here and we only had to buy some speakers so our video display would work better. 

Boy, is it hot and muggy here!  I wish my hair were just a bit longer so I can put it up nicely.  I am hoping for some serious air conditioning in the convention center! 

At about 12:00 - seperated from my co-worker and went up to change.  Headed out onto Julian St.  Popped into a few galleries and totally somehow missed the Ogden Art Museum.  Maybe I will make it back - Ended up walking all through the french quarter - had lunch in a little place - got a table right on the sidewalk.  All the restaurants are open air - all that seperates you and the walkers is a wrought iron fence usually.  My lovely place had fake plants, but the drinks were cold and the hamburger was good!  Really fun to people watch here! 

After lunch walked over to the French Market.  Found a smaller purse that will be easier to walk around with.  Fake Coach - gotta love those knock offs!  I stopped at the famous Cafe Du Mounde (sp?).


The beinets (a pastery with a crap load of powdered sugar on it) was fantastic - think mini donuts on steroids.  I had a frozen cafe aulait - I just can't spell tonight - so forgive all that.  Anyway - SUPER yummy!  I will gain 5 pounds here just from that!  I got a great shot of 3 of the waiters taking a break and arm wrestling!  I could hear cheering when I was done, so I strolled over to see what was up.  It was 3 black guys and 1 white guy break dancing and performing a show in this stepped courtyard.  Very funny!  I have pics of that too.  After that - headed back to the hotel and changed to meet up for dinner.  Yes, I ate dinner at Bubba Gump's.  It was very good and I got Max a glass that lights up on the botton. 

All in all - a pretty fun day.  Lots of cute dogs!  Off to bed I go!


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