Saturday, May 17, 2008

Max - 4 year old chatterbug!

I was looking for something totally unrelated and I found an old digital recorder.  I had taped Max while we went to daycare one morning, so it's about 10 minutes.  How stinkin' cute he was and what a chatterbox!  I am going to work on getting it out of the old recorder and into a CD somehow. 

Craftiness has taken a slight backseat as I have been out of town alot this first few weeks of May.  I am still pluggin' away on my Kindness cross-stitch.  Got some beading basics that I was out of - jump rings, head pins lots of projects that need to be done on that front.  This is good, cause I will have some time this weekend during my eye procedure recovery.  First day will be with eye-patch, so I think a movie marathon and lots of naps will be on the schedule!  Other than that - we'll see how things go!

Spent the morning raking up pine needles for John so he can use as mulch on his raspberries.  I had grand plans of getting the new firepit ready to go.  Spotty rain showers kept coming in -so no go on that.  Tomorrow, we are off to the garden center to get grass seed, dandelion killer and fertilizer.  Maybe a few flowers too while I am at it.  Got some house-keeping done this afternoon and now it's off to movie night with the boy.

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