Monday, May 26, 2008

Ahhh, the joys of Surgery!

Well - here's my entry on my lovely vitrectomy!  Don't google it, cause it will really kinda gross you out. 

Wed.  5/21 - Marcia and John picked me up at 9:30 and we headed over to Phillips Eye Institute.  Got there just fine - if I have my other eye done, we won't need John to take us.  I got checked in in about 15 minutes and then sat with a buzzer.  Yep, just like waiting for a table at your favorite restaurant!  I was asked, no lie, 10 times - who are you, what's your birth date, which eye are we working on today...then they literally put a red sticker on my right cheek.  No way could you operate on the wrong eye at this place!  The nurse brought me back about 12:10 to get on my surgery gear.  At about 12:45, we went back to the "corral" where they get everyone ready for surgery.  Must have been 8 of us back there.  I told the nice nurse - you will not be able to find my vein.  Oh, she did not believe me until 10 minutes later, she was still not able to find a vein - both arms!  I think when I get nervous all the blood leaves my extremities - they all thought I had way too cold of hands!  Anyway...Tim the Super Nurse to the rescue!  He put the rubber band on super tight and asked me if it hurt too much.  I said - I have gone through 22 hours of biggie!  So IV is now successfully in.  Little discomfort when they would put in a new drug, pressure and ache, but doable.  I made them promise to give me lots of drugs!  They gave me the sleep drug and then next thing I know, Tim is telling me that my eye is already to go for surgery - I couldn't believe it...Really?  Really?  So that bad deal you can not worry about because - you literally feel like you just closed your eyes for a little bit - did not feel a thing!  So I am all ready for surgery and Dr. Gilbert is late.  So I hang out and finally by 1:45 he says - I am ready where are you guys!  So whisked down the corridor to the operating room.  They get my other eye patched up and then uh oh...I can see Dr. Gilbert with my right eye.  Whooo - everybody said I would not be able to see out of my right eye during this surgery - is the block wearing off already?  I start to shake, they cover me with extra blankets and give me another dose of medicine.  Well, I think they had to give me 2 more after that - cause there was one point where I could feel him doing stuff and then wham, my legs and arms were really heavy and everything was ok.  WONDERS OF DRUGS, I tell ya!    So after 1/2 hour - surgery done!  They wheel me back out, I get dressed and sit for about 1/2 hour while my blood pressure stabilizes back down to 124/70 - I got to test Kashi bars for them.  Very hungry!  Off to home to recover!

Thursday 5/22 - I slept ok til abut 2:48, then woke up and my eye felt really scratchy.  Made a sandwhich and watched Leno til I got sleepy.  Fell asleep on the couch.  At about 6:00 I took off the bandage and whoooooo - big time double vision!  So much so that I have to re-patch the eye.  Hmmm, little bit of freak out - they did not tell me this would happen...We had the FUP appt at 11:20 - so by then the double vision was much better.  Sat there until 12:30 - I met a very nice nurse that also has RP and other eye stuff - she is facing the same uncertainty I am, so it was nice to meet someone who understands!  Dr. Gilbert finally checked me out and said everything looks good.  We head off to LeAnne Chin for late lunch.  Headache starts at about 4:00 - the block is finally wearing completely off and it's a headache from the top of your head down into your shoulder - take 1/3 vicaden!  Perfect dose for good nights sleep! 

Friday 5/23 - Answered work emails for about 20 minutes - definately clearer vision, but the glare from the computer is a little tiring.  I watch tv and nap during the day.  We head off to the lodge that night.  Headache again at about 5:30 - 1/3 vicaden is good again!

Saturday 5/24 - Hang out at the lodge - read magazines cause too hard to read books right now.  We have the Hales over for tacos and the boys get filthy in the pond trying to catch tadpoles!  We stopped by to see the dog Scott is interested in - great dog, but way, way too big!! We go to Hales cabin to check out the new fire pit.  Very nice!  Head home about 8:45 - no vicaden that night.  Slept great. 

Sunday 5/25 - I can read for short periods of time - so hang out in the sunroom reading Nora Roberts book.  I feel much more like myself today!  We head home about 3:30 - too stormy to pick up the couch from Hedins - will get later this week.  We had hale the size of golf balls and a few about double the size!  Really loud!  Scott's truck has damage and we have to check our siding.  Blessed though, cause Hugo saw a tornado that took out multiple homes and one 2 year old lost their life.  Very. very sad. 

Today - Monday 5/26 - Computer work is ok!  Yeah!  Little glarey, but not terrible as on Friday.  I think you definately need 5 full days for recovery - so just plan on taking the Monday off following surgery.  Don't know if I will have the other eye done right away.  I am gonna wait 3 weeks until i decide about that.  Well - that's the super long story of my vitrectomy! 

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Max - 4 year old chatterbug!

I was looking for something totally unrelated and I found an old digital recorder.  I had taped Max while we went to daycare one morning, so it's about 10 minutes.  How stinkin' cute he was and what a chatterbox!  I am going to work on getting it out of the old recorder and into a CD somehow. 

Craftiness has taken a slight backseat as I have been out of town alot this first few weeks of May.  I am still pluggin' away on my Kindness cross-stitch.  Got some beading basics that I was out of - jump rings, head pins lots of projects that need to be done on that front.  This is good, cause I will have some time this weekend during my eye procedure recovery.  First day will be with eye-patch, so I think a movie marathon and lots of naps will be on the schedule!  Other than that - we'll see how things go!

Spent the morning raking up pine needles for John so he can use as mulch on his raspberries.  I had grand plans of getting the new firepit ready to go.  Spotty rain showers kept coming in -so no go on that.  Tomorrow, we are off to the garden center to get grass seed, dandelion killer and fertilizer.  Maybe a few flowers too while I am at it.  Got some house-keeping done this afternoon and now it's off to movie night with the boy.