Thursday, April 3, 2008

5 days from now!

Jiang_pieratsunset I've been on this very pier about 1 year ago and I will be there again in 5 days - YEAH!! I think 3/4 of the fun of vacation is just knowing you are going on vacation in 5-4-3-2-1 days! 

This is not my photo, but one from flickr I found by the name of Jiang - pretty cool!  I do not want any massive clouds on my trip though - just light wispy ones! 

Well, as soon as I get the right video cord, you will get to see Maxi at his Young Author's conference.  It was last Saturday and he did a great job!  We got to hear not one, but two real authors!  Headed off to the lodge after that and came right home that night.  Sleeping in your own bed is always nice!  Had a fantastic visit with Jill on Sunday.  We went to Mall of America, then over to Dicks to peruse the work-out wear.  She has started high intensity interval training from my suggestion and sounds like it's going well!  I have been doing pretty good myself.  I have sore muscles where I did not think you had muscles!  Let me just say these few words  - reverse pike on the exercise ball.  You go as if to do a push up - put your feet up on the ball, balance and then bring your knees into your chest.  Yep...just you try it and stay upright!  I can do 15 in a row now! 

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