Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Young Author, Cold Day, My Own Joy Journal

Max_youngauthor_2Good news!  Max does not have retinitis pigmentosa - yeah! All checked out yesterday and the Dr. did not see any signs.  Also - he has been invited to a Young Authors conference - 1 of 5 kids in the second grade to be picked to go!  It's Saturday, 3/29.  Very excited little boy! Excited parents as well - As Scott says...We must be doing something right! 

Today - School is cancelled!  We have windchills of 35-45 below!  Temp is 14 below!  My turn to stay home with the boy - Scott got the strep throat day off a couple of weeks ago.  I feel a little guilty, but boy am I gonna get a TON done!  We are having folks over on Saturday and I need to clean, clean, clean! 

I downloaded a great Romantic Fingerless gloves pattern from whiletheyplay on etsy. 

Here's a FOB!  My promised very own Joy Journal - doing pretty well with getting entries made.  It was from Aimee Ray's book Doodle Stitching - pattern was for a scrapbook cover - I modified for a notebook cover.  Very fun book - highly recommend!!  Joyjournal_cover

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