Sunday, January 20, 2008

Valentines Tree, Projects and I love legos.

Valentines_treeI think I get hung up on needing a photo for each post and then don't post.  So, I am figuring out ways to get photos out of my camera much faster and streamline my process. (I am also getting out my cameras user guide to figure out why I am not getting sharp photos - I think the image stabilization thingy is turned off.)   I am awesome at streamlining at  work..lose it with home/personal stuff.  But ya know...those crafty blogs out there have a tendency to get me a little off these...Ric cute is her post about the little softie boys!! Future Girl...well, she's just been a favorite since this fall.  So seriously, my favorites...I have to now have folders...CraftyGoodness...CrochetGoodness...KnitingGoodness....EmbroideryGoodness...SewingGoodness...How the heck is a girl gonna get off the internet and make something?  I will have to give myself a timer like I do for Max...1/2 hour of playing Playstation and then you are done. 

Crafts Update:  Started crocheting a hooded baby blanket.  I am 1/2 done with my first real cross-stitch project - a biscornu - inspired by The Flossbox - aren't these darling?  They just look doable.  I am also working on a another project - Any Small Acts of Kindness are Never Wasted. 

I promised Max we would work on Super Lion today too. 

Oh yeah - I love glitter and I made a valentines tree cause I just love the glow of white will turn into St. Pats Tree, Easter Tree, Spring Tree, you get the picture...

Max_sicklegosHere's a quick Max update - he made this most recent Lego Booster creation last weekend when he was recovering from strep throat.  Literally 6 hours of concentrated work where there was no tv, no computer and no nintendo ds.  Worth every dime!!! He was pretty stinkin' proud of himself too.


futuregirl said...

Ahhh, thank you! Max is a cutie with that awesome lego contraption. :)

Jodie said...

Hello, Thanks for the sweet comments, and the great company - I love futuregirl too.
I think I need to do a bit of the same - set myself some blog reading limits so I can get stuff finished !!