Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Good Music and Joy Book News

Wow - I have been hankerin' for some new music for the ipod!  I have hit the mother-lode!  I went to iTunes a couple of times with no luck.  Tonight - I happen to see the cast album for Xanadu - no offense, but ya just can't improve the original version!  So, that got downloaded along with a few others:

Boogie Shoes - KC & Sunshine Band, Le Freak- Chic, Do that to me one more time - Captain & Tennille, Is She Really Going Out with Him? - Joe Jackson...I think you get the idea!  Now, to go find my Greatest Hits - Hall and Oats and I am completely transported to being 12!  It really was not that long ago...:) 

Other news - Max told me tonight that his teacher said that she is going to bring in the Joy Book for the kids to put in entries on when they are having really good days and bad days.  I think that is so sweet!  I hope I get to peak at it when we go to spring conferences. 

Cardinal_crossstitch Cross-stitch - I did my first mini-project and it was ok - Lor gave me lots of good advice and I can already see a difference.  Gotta start somewhere!

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Meghan said...

Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful comment on my podcast. i really appreciate it! hope you join ravelry soon!