Saturday, January 26, 2008

Craft in Public

Read about craft, do your it all in public so we can see each other. 

So I travel in 1 week a month to work because of the not driving anymore and I stay in a nice hotel for that week.  I eat breakfast every morning in the restaurant there and two very nice people are usually always there working.  So literally this is going on for 6 months.  I bought the book Craft, Inc. from Borders on Wed. and I was reading it at breakfast and low and of those nice people is a Crafter! She nicely asked if she could check out the book and we struck up a conversation.   Jewelry, knitting, crocheting, jewelry boxes...a gal after my own heart!  So there ya go - It's also a lesson to me that I just need to stinkin' chat more instead of being stuck in head thinking about the upcoming workday...

Hi Bailey!  Here to the left of my blog is just a small, small part of the crafting blogiverse.  Get a beverage, something to snack on and settle down, cause it'll be hours before you can drag yourself away!

Side note - I am working on Three Buttons meme for this is...

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