Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sunday Me Time!


I have been cravin' some me time!  With not driving anymore..that makes it just a little difficult to get a day to be off to myself.  Saturday, I had the inspiration that Scott should drop me off in Stillwater in the late morning and pick me up after the Packer game!  Yeah! 

I started at the far end of mainstreet at a large Antique mall.  Nooks and crannies abound!  I was looking for old embroidery and vintage aprons, maybe some old craft or knitting magazines and patterns.  I found a jar of buttons, 2 fabulous publications - one from 1912 and the other from 1924.  More on those in a later post - they are full of goodies!! I also found 8 vintage heavy linen napkins in great condition for $8.  Perfect for future embroidery projects! 

I stopped and had lunch at Savories - a European bistro.  I had a lovely pear and gorgonzola salad with yummy potatoe soup.  I love to people watch in restaurants!  After lunch, I was passing a windwo display and it really caught my eye.  It's called Pulp Fashion.  They are a stationery and gift story.  They took long rolls of paper and made a birch tree forest with a string of letters saying happy holidays.  It was very graphic and right up my alley!  Unfortunately no pic, cause I didn't feel comfortable taking it.  They had taken down their fall display and there were baskets of paper apples in all different types of paper and sizes.  She said take as many as you want!  Yeah!! I am such a dork that that makes me happy..anyway I am going to do a window display of my own after the xmas stuff gets put away.  I bought all sorts of goodies there - xmas cards, paper ornaments kit by K & Company, notebook, regular note cards...very fun store!!

I was off next to more antique stores and then I went into a rug hooking is escaping me..but a new embroidery tool did not!  I got a Punch needle and I can't wait to play around with it!  It's basically like rug-hooking but on a miniature scale.  I had about 1/2 hour left and I needed caffeine, so off to Starbucks I went.  I sat right by the fire and sipped on my large white mocha peppermint latte and watched even more interesting people go by! 

What a great day!  It's a must do..every 3 months or so!

Oh yeah - I got to listen to these folks too - :)  Carolers

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