Sunday, December 2, 2007

Reindeer Run 2007

Let's go run in our first snow storm of the year!  Details - 9:30 on Saturday, Dec. 1st 2007.  Just as Kara and I reached downtown mpls, the snow had started to fall.  By the time we reached Lake Calhoun - 1 in. on the ground.  We parked about 1 mile from the event, so it was hussle, hussle to get there on time.  Wow, there had to be 5000 people there!  Fast paid for the registration, got seperated from Kara when I took a pitstop, successfully got the long-sleeve t and then proceeded to pop into the mass of runners about 200 yards from the start - you literally could't get to the start, it was just a wave of people!  I got to follow a cute bunch of marines and about 1 mile in, it finally started to spread out.  Since I fell on the stairs this week at home, the tailbone was not feelin' the best, so I went pretty slow.  The snow made me a little nervous - I am not the most graceful of fallers - arms, legs flailing.  I am a tall girl and it's not pretty.  About at mile 2, I started to walk and this gal slapped me with her glove and said - get goin girl!  You can do it.  Geez - ok then!  Of course she stays about 5 steps behind me the whole last mile, so I couldn't stop.  Right when I was about to stop ANYWAY - she says - you're almost done!  Up this hill and around the corner.  So there ya go - finished!  I should have started more of a conversation with her, but the huffing and puffing kinda puts a damper on that!  Met up with Kara at the end..  Here's my stuffie pin I madeReindeerrun2007_2  - he'll become a xmas tree decoration.  He's a little crusted with snow -

Here's Kara and I too -Snowykelly Kara_superhandywoman

We were late getting back home because we had a little issue with the windshield wipers.  Those are handy dandy things to have working in a snowstorm.  We got off the highway, stopped at a hotel and Kara was able to get a tool to tighten the bolts.  Yah, so if it had been me, no Kara - it would have been frantic time because I would have no clue!  Kara, however is now dubbed Handy SuperWoman.  Heated seats are the second best handy dandy item when you are cold and wet from running 3.2 miles in the snow.  Note to self - buy actual good outdoor running gear.  Bring a change of dry clothes. 

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