Saturday, December 8, 2007

Crafty To Do List

1)  FINISH the homemade xmas ornaments for the swap.  1/2 my swap folks are gettin' hand-painted father xmas and the other half are getting hand-embroidered ornaments.  Since I wanna be a good swap buddie - these puppies are gettin' in the mail MONDAY - 1 week before the due date.  Edit 12/14 - Yeah right!  They did get in the main FRIDAY.  I am happy to be on time!!

2)  Start on surprise apron for my friend K.  She loves sushi and I found the greatest sushi fabric online along with an embroidery pattern from Sublime Stitching

3)  Get our holiday cards figured out.  I got yummy glitter from Michaels and I can't wait to play!

4)  Well, it's not my project, but the little guy needs to make a space shuttle for his space unit at school.  Lots of decoupage and paint!  Edit 12/14 - We are all done!  Just need to take final pics and post!

I am NOW GOING OFFLINE and making something!  LOL

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