Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Trip to Arizona


We just made it!  If our flight had been any later in the day, we would have been delayed by the snow storm!  We had a really great trip.  Highlights - in no particular order!

  • Great food - from the Prime Rib, Craig and Sue made for Xmas day to Picasso's Pizza in Sedona, Lori's grilled turkey and steaks, Sue's cheesecake and fudge - I am hitting the treadmill double time to get ready for Valentines 5K!

  • Max being WOUND up to open presents - one meltdown per day from Saturday before Xmas to Xmas day.  Oh well, he's 7!  Legos...Legos...Ninento DS Games...and a new, really rad electronic guitar!  (Thanks, Grammie for our listening pleasure....)

  • Scott got in some good golfing....Linda - (a lovely golfer who does not know proper golf etiquette)

  • Seeing Lori's beautiful new home in Prescott and having a very nice time! Sketching with Kasey! Christmas lights in the park... Prescottvalleyxmaslights

  • Seeing Marcia and John's new beatiful home in Scottsdale - Tip:  Buy your sleeper sofa/chairs from Lazyboy because they don't have the bar and they are lovely to sleep on!

  • Gorgeous Sedona - The Helicopter Ride!  Max had a ball and Scott tried to keep his eyes open!

  • Taking our family photos the first day - will update with pics later.

Well, I am sure I am missing lots, but all in all, it was a whirlwind and we'll be doing it again hopefully next year!

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